Rebecca McCrea, Walking Across the Country from Pennsylvania to Los Angeles

Rebecca McCrea, Owner and Founder of Hickey Bottom Barbecue Company, who is currently walking across America, raising awareness and money for the Ellen DeGeneres supported nonprofit “Best Friends Animal Society” joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Rebecca McCrea discuss the following:

  1. Tell me about Hickey Bottom. When was it founded and why?
  2. What has been like Walking across America, Is it anything like you imagined? Tell me about how you are surviving the summer heat and what it’s like walking the Highways and Interstates?
  3. A look at your Facebook page astounded me with the amount of kindness from strangers your charity walk has inspired. Can you tell me about what happened on July 19th, when a stranger drove from the Arkansas border on his Harley to where you were walking in Missouri just to bring you two cases of water?
  4. I noticed your Go Fund Me campaign for Best Friends Animal Society had a donation goal of 1 dollar per mile walked. You estimated your walk to comprise roughly 2,473 miles, putting your donation goal at 2,473 dollars. How many miles have you walked already and how much have you raised? 
  5. So, you’re a successful business owner and now proving to be a successful charity endorser. Hickey Bottom Barbecue Company is growing in distribution and meanwhile you are half-way across America on-foot because of an itching desire to do something meaningful. From starting a company to taking an adventure of a life time, what advice do you have to people listening who are maybe afraid to take a leap of faith towards their dreams?

Rebecca McCrea is the owner and founder of Hickey Bottom Barbecue Company. Hickey Bottom Barbecue Company is named after a quiet country road in Western Pennsylvania. It’s a place where hard-working folks do their best for their families and neighbors. It’s where your word is your bond and a handshake is a contract you stand behind. Hickey Bottom is something we all carry within us and can find everywhere you go. Hickey Bottom is more than just the name of our company; it’s a way of life. Hickey Bottom Barbecue Company has a simple and effective philosophy: work hard, make an honest product, and always say thank you. We have been a local, women-owned and operated business since 2013.

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