Prepare for the unexpected with Now Sorted

Eddie Lees, CEO of Now Sorted, the service that looks to supply their clients the important data and documentation they require in a crisis joins Enterprise Radio.

Listento hostEric Dye& guest Eddie Lees discuss the following:

  1. Eddie, can you tell us about what led you to launch NowSorted?
  2. As someone dealing with a non-tech industry and clientele, how do you best communicate the need for NowSorted?
  3. How does NowSorted differentiate with other online vault facilities?
  4. What sort of customer is finding this product the most exciting?
  5. What advice would you give to anyone listening who is curious about trying out NowSorted?

Now Sorted is a digital online vault that has become an ideal solution for every type of family and/or business client – and is quite different from almost all others:

  • It does far more than mere storage facility apps can do.
  • Built within its app structure, with one click it produces a client’s Crucial Facts Report & Directory in the form of a (shareable) PDF.
  • Information/document retrieval is instant – and online security exceptionally high.

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