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Musician & Songwriter, Tyler Traband sustainable in music industry for over 20 years

Tyler Traband
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Tyler Traband

Tyler Traband who is a composer, singer and songwriter joins the eMusician Podcast Show. His music can be heard in commercial campaigns for Coca-Cola, Kohler and Scheels, as well as the film “Chasing the Ghost Particle”.

Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Tyler Traband discuss the following:

  • Your business consists of writing music for many different mediums. What is the difference between writing music for commercials, and writing music for television and film?
  • How did you get your start in the music business? And how have you been able to sustain yourself in such a competitive environment for over 20 years?
  • Your commercial work for Scheels has been nominated for a Hollywood Music in Media award. What do you think made your music for this campaign so noteworthy?
  • You scored the IMAX film “Chasing the Ghost Particle” which is touring in the U.S. and internationally. The film is incredibly dense and scientific in nature. How did you approach this material to make it accessible for a broader audience?
  • What are your tips for aspiring professional musicians? Are there any business pitfalls you can advise other musical entrepreneurs to avoid?

Duration: 13:52

Tyler Traband is a multi-instrumentalist, film & TV composer and singer/songwriter. His music can be heard underscoring riveting documentaries, adventure films and some of the most iconic commercials to date. His music spans genres, while maintaining the real emotional consistency of a writer with a strong hand reminiscent of a forgotten era in making music.

International audiences will soon be able to hear Tyler’s music in the IMAX film “Chasing the Ghost Particle”. Set deep in the ice at the heart of Antartica, the film explains the science of Neutrinos: tiny, elusive particles used to explore the insides of exploding stars, black holes and the very nature of our universe.

In the world of advertising, Tyler has written and performed music for top brands including: Citgo, Bon-Ton, Coca-Cola, Masterlock, Scheels, Milwaukee Brewers, Simplicity, Kohler, MTV and many more. He has been trusted time and again with large budgets and is always ready for a new challenge.

Tyler Traband

Web Site:
Twitter: @TylerTraband

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