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The most important systems for entrepreneurs

Posted: November 21, 2011 at 5:22 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

The most important systems for entrepreneurs

with Sarah Cook

Sarah L. Cook, Founder of Raising CEO Kids, is a sought after speaker, business and life systems strategist and co-author of “The Parent’s Guide to Raising CEO Kids” (Aug 2011). She was the host of the 2009 CEO Kids Success Summit, and the 2010 Cash Savvy Kids Summit. Sarah has been featured on TV, blogs, and on radio around the world as well as in Yahoo Finance and Reuters. She has spoken at such events as TEDx Youth Sacramento, The Parenting Summit, The Adventures in Homeschooling Conference, Teen Business Summit, and The Future of Business Outsourcing Summit.

Sarah has interviewed nearly 200 young entrepreneurs and most of their parents, uncovering the pillars and pitfalls of being a successful young CEO. In her book, The Parents’ Guide to Raising CEO Kids, Sarah discusses ways that youth can turn their talents and motivation into money. She helps teens and tweens around the world get the support, tools, and strategies they need to live their dreams. Sarah believes that when teens develop their own business they master real life skills that can only be gained by “doing”. These “life” skills include business management, financial management, service, public speaking, problem solving, and so much more.

Sarah works with entrepreneurs to create and implement systems for success in business and in life. Her experience with creating and mastering successful systems management has been gained in her nearly 18 years as an award winning image consultant and business coach as well as in growing her business while raising three young entrepreneurs.

When not working to grow businesses, Sarah can be found spending time with her husband and three entrepreneur kids, working out on her treadmill/laptop, reading, connecting with people on social media, shopping or indulging in extra dark chocolate with chili peppers!

Interview Notes:

1. How have systems helped you to get so much done while having so much on your plate – two biz, three kids, homeschooling two (now one), publishing a book this year, growing a social platform from 0 – 20K in less than 18 months, youth ministry, …?

2. When you talk about systems – what do you think are the most important systems for entrepreneurs/biz professionals who want to grow quickly and successfully?

3. Your book, The Parent’s Guide to Raising CEO Kids was published in August and in it you talk about Four Pillars of Success – will you talk a little about them & why they are important?

4. What are your biggest tips for parents out there who want to grow their business or career while raising and supporting their kids in business?

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