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Meg Seitz

Meg Seitz, the Founder & CEO of toth shop, a global communications agency that focuses on a human, holistic approach to branding, marketing & communications joins Enterprise Radio.

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Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Meg Seitz discuss the following:

  1. What’s been the story of your career?
  2. When did you start to see ‘life’ stories and how they applied to business?
  3. What inspired you to write a book now?
  4. At the end of every chapter of the book are questions to spark change and insight – why did you choose to put questions at the end of every chapter? 
  5. What’s one big thing missing in business today?

Meg Seitz is the founder and CEO of toth shop, a communications agency that focuses on a human, holistic approach to branding, marketing, and communications. Since 2014, the toth shop team has helped companies, c-suite leaders, and emerging brands articulate their expertise, talent, and value to the world, identify storytelling gold nuggets that resonate with humans as well as create compelling content and brand-building assets.

Over the last several years, she’s taken in life lessons crossing the Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge in Northern Ireland, exploring the crystal caverns of Bermuda, taking in Vienna from the top of St. Stephen’s Cathedral, and in places ranging from London to Jackson Hole, Sedona, Kennebunkport, and Las Vegas. She learns a lot at home, too; she lives in Charlotte, NC, with her fluffy corgi, Winnie, who recently passed therapy dog certification.

Seitz holds a bachelor of arts in English from Kenyon College and an MBA from Wake Forest University School of Business. She is a proud Double Drucker, meaning she placed twice in the top 10 (once in third place) for the international writing competition, the Peter Drucker Challenge.

For more information, please visit and Buy her first book, “You Are Something New: life lessons to radically change how you show up in business“, here.

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