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The Get Ahead Guide: Why You Should Use a Professional Resume Writer

Posted: February 6, 2019 at 6:17 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Did you know the average job opening receives 250 applications? Only 5 of those applicants will get an interview, with one person receiving a job offer.

Facing such stiff competition in the job marketplace, it’s no wonder many job seekers are going the extra mile to separate themselves from the pack. To that end, many hire a professional resume service to get a competitive edge.

But is hiring a professional to create your resume worth it? Can a professional resume improve your changes to get an interview?

Read on as we reveal four important reasons you need a professional resume writer to help you land more interviews. 

1. Writing Is Not Your Thing

Hey, we get it. Not everyone is a perfect writer. For many professionals, writing is not a part of their daily duties. If the only composing you do is to write emails, that’s ok.

But the reality is, resumes must be perfect. If you’ve got typos and grammatical errors, it will reflect poorly on you. Fairly or not, many hiring managers see resume mistakes as an indication of the quality of work they can expect from you.

So if you’re not exactly Jane Austen with words, you should consider professional resume assistance. They know what to put on your resume and what to omit. Most importantly, they know how to paint you in the best possible light with perfect spelling and grammar.

2. You’re Not Getting Interviews

If you’re applying for several jobs but not hearing back from prospective employers, there may be something wrong with your resume. Most times, your resume is missing the keywords to pass through applicant filtering systems. Or your resume is not standing out for other reasons.

A professional resume writer can help you identify any issues with your resume and provide immediate solutions. A good resume service will make sure your resume is formatted correctly and optimized with the perfect keywords to get through to the hiring manager.

Research the best resume services in your area to find a professional who can help you land more interviews.

3. Your Resume Looks Outdated

Your perfectly written resume won’t matter much if it looks outdated.

Remember, recruiters review individual resumes for an average of only six seconds. If your resume looks like something from the Reagan years, that may provide all the impetus they need to move on to the next resume.

Resume writers are aware of current trends in resume style. They can give your resume the flair it needs. They will punch up your resume with the most effective elements, from the font to the quality of the paper, to get your resume looking its best.

If you need to retrieve or change information from a outdated resume saved within a PDF file or if you need a converter for hassle-free conversion from PDF to MS Word simply visit

4. Improve Your Career History

Maybe you’re seeking a career change or your previous skills aren’t a perfect match for the job. Or perhaps you took time off of work to raise a family. Don’t let hiring managers get derailed by questions about your work history.

You can’t change employment gaps or create skills you don’t yet possess. But a good resume writer can smooth out rough spots by accentuating your strengths. 

Conclusion: Do You Need a Professional Resume Writer?

Creating an effective resume requires hard work. It takes a lot of talent to be able to communicate why your capabilities and background are perfect for the job. You have to incorporate current resume formatting styles. And you need to include the perfect keywords to pass through applicant tracking systems.

Not everyone is adept with these skills and if that sound like you, a professional resume writer could really help you land an interview. And landing the interview is the primary purpose of your resume.

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