Technology and the Financial Advisor Community: Path to Partnership?

Brett Foster the CEO & Co-founder of NESTEGG an app designed to empower parents to create affordable, accessible, trust fund accounts for their children again joins Enterprise Radio.

Brett discusses the middle ground: How better educated consumers and financial advisors can use apps as a spring board for learning, financial empowerment and to lay the groundwork towards more financially accessible and successful futures.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Brett Foster discuss the following:

  1. Can you tell us a little bit about what NestEgg is, what is its mission and who does it help?
  2. NestEgg appears to join a growing number of digital solutions that help people save, invest and manage their money.  Will this ultimately put financial advisors out of a job?
  3. So it appears that technology and financial advisors can work together.  Can you tell me more about how the advisor community might integrate this sort of digital solution into their practice?
  4. What makes an app like NestEgg – or the other financial tech solutions – a safe place to invest your hard-earned money?
  5. Do online financial tools help people become more or less financially literate?  What do you think?

NestEgg was founded in 2019 by Brett Foster, 29, an entrepreneur, veteran, and an uncle to two kids (with another on the way) from Salem, Oregon. When trying to open a savings account for his niece for Christmas, he realized that the red tape of the banking industry made it impossible for him to give her this important financial gift. It was with this experience in mind that Brett formed the idea for NestEgg while he was taking a break from the business world to raise cows on a dairy farm. 


The NestEgg app eliminates the red tape of banking, the steep legal fees of traditional investing and trust funds, and the limitations of the 529 plan, making it possible for any family to save for a better future for their child.  

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