Are Your Presentations Costing You Business?


Cheril Clarke, the Founder of Phenomenal Writing, LLC, an executive communications consulting agency that provides speechwriting and ghostwriting services to clients around the world joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Cheril Clarke discuss the following:

  1. What is the difference between a good speech and a great one? What makes them different?
  2. Do you think the ability to give great presentations can propel someone’s career and get them promoted?
  3. How can someone who doesn’t do public speaking often get over their nervousness about an upcoming presentation?
  4. What’s your unique approach to speech writing?
  5. What else do you do for your clients besides writing speeches?

Learning about the range of services offered by a company is a basic part of evaluating a presentation service provider. However, you may have to be reminded that you have to determine your needs first. It’s preferable to formulate your plan first before looking for an AV service provider that can help you fulfil your concept, instead of making your plan based on what AV companies can provide. The latter is not necessarily wrong, but you are more likely to come up with a better event production if you do the former. One useful tool that may aid in creating an effective presentation is a clicker for PowerPoint, which can assist in seamlessly advancing slides during the presentation.

Cheril Clarke is the Founder of Phenomenal Writing, LLC, an executive communications agency that provides speech and ghostwriting services to executives and entrepreneurs worldwide.

With a background deeply rooted in creative writing, Cheril is an award-winning writer with the unique ability to easily connect with audiences of all types. She has penned speeches for special occasions, award acceptances, fundraisers, commencements, and celebrity speaker introductions.

Cheril’s firm also ghostwrites blogs and articles for busy executives who want their voices and visions heard. Her most recent clients include GE, Cisco, and City National Bank.|

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