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Millennials, and the Blockchain World

Posted: February 6, 2020 at 5:39 pm / by / comments (2)

Cody Robertson, millennial expert & Creative Director from Polyient Labs, an early-stage business incubator helping entrepreneurs fast-track blockchain innovations joinsEnterprise Radio.

Listento hostEric Dye& guest Cody Robertson discuss the following:

  1. Nick Casares from Polyient Labs has been on our show prior but since we last spoke to your team and for those that missed that broadcast, can you provide a refresher on what Polyient Lab is and how has it grown in the past year and a half?
  2. You sound really enthusiastic about blockchain. How long have you been working in the blockchain space?
  3. Are you equally “bullish” on cryptocurrencies? Are you a crypto investor, for instance?
  4. Do you agree with Tim Draper when he advised millennials to invest in bitcoin?
  5. Do you find most millennials know a lot about crypto or is there a lack of knowledge and how do you explain cryptocurrencies to your friends?
  6. How do you explain Cryptocurrencies on a high-level to your friends?
  7. You recently conducted an experiment with your friends on Crypto. Can you tell us about that and what was the outcome?
  8. Let’s talk about your blockchain-incubation projects? What sort of projects are you and Polyient are working on?
  9. I’ve been hearing a lot about blockchain gaming. Can you explain to our listeners how it differs from traditional gaming?
  10. When you first started as a designer, did you ever imagine the creative opportunities that blockchain would open up?
  11. If anyone is interested in seeing your work – or learning more about Polyient Labs, how can they find you?

Cody Robertson is the creative director forPolyient Labs, where he oversees the design and brand strategy for Polyient and its portfolio clients.

Prior to Polyient, he spent close to a decade serving in various senior creative roles at agencies and firms in NYC, LA and Phoenix working on behalf of numerous world-class brands. He recently earned a certificate in Blockchain Business Innovation and Application from MIT. His work has appeared in CEOWORLD magazine, Modus, Social Media Today, Canvas and Starternoise.

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