Introducing the new Physical Therapy app BetterPT and it’s Co-Founder Greg Peters

Greg Peters the co-founder of BetterPT, the newly launched app that connects patients with physical therapy appointments based on their location, health insurance provider and other personalized factors joins Enterprise Radio.

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Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Greg Peters discuss the following:

  • What is BetterPT and how is it helping the physical therapy industry?
  • Give some background on your new partnership with Hospital for Surgery.
  • What is Direct Access and how does it relate to BetterPT?
  • You are applying a similar model like OpenTable and Uber, to the PT industry…how do you see this effecting PT clinics? How will it effect or benefit the patient?
  • What is your goals for the company over the next year?

Greg Peters is the Co-Founder and CEO of Better PT, a new mobile app that connects patients with physical therapists to their desired location. With over 15 years of experience in the health and fitness industry, Greg is applying his expertise to building innovative mobile technology to begin to solve the friction points in physical therapy and revolutionize healthcare delivery as we know it today. Peters has joined forces with Dr. Stephen Fealy M.D., a world renowned orthopedic surgeon and expert at Hospital of Special Surgery.

Greg Peters was born in Manhattan and later attended Marist College from 1999- 2004, where he received a bachelor’s degree in finance. Peters played Division I collegiate level football and has always been extremely passionate about the fitness industry. So much that he turned down a job offer on Wall Street to pursue his real love of health, sports, and fitness, and became a Personal Trainer at La Palestra under the guidance of the founder and fitness guru Pat Manocchia. Since 2004, Greg has been an active Managing Partner for La Palestra Center for Preventative Medicine, which combines both standard and alternative medical practices with state-of-the art and time tested fitness modalities and programs. Greg’s role has allowed him to have firsthand experience with developing programs that combine comprehensive medical analysis and treatments with individually tailored exercise programs. In the spring of 2012, Greg branched out and opened the second La Palestra location at The Plaza Hotel in NYC.

Additionally, in 2014 Greg founded TRN, an on-demand mobile app that gives users the convenient opportunity to book one-on-one, in-person sessions with specialists across multiple disciplines: general training, yoga, Pilates, swimming and nutrition. Greg spearheaded the vision, drive and leadership of TRN by building a team of product managers, technologists and marketing professionals that together strive to make the world of health & wellness a part of everybody’s life.

Greg has realized that fitness services are incredibly fragmented, which has made him extremely eager to make positive changes within the industry for both the member and specialist. BetterPT is yet another example of his efforts to provide a smarter and more convenient and efficient approach to healthcare service delivery. This time improving the experience for the patient and the physical therapist.


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