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How To Launch A Home-Based Business Growing And Selling Microgreens

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Nate Dodson, Founder of Microgreens Farmer, an online education company that trains people, through their online course and other digital products, how to launch a streamlined small business growing and selling microgreens joins eCommerce Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Nate Dodson discuss the following:

  1. What are microgreens? 
  2. How do people turn microgreens into a business? 
  3. What kinds of space, equipment, and startup costs does this business require? 
  4. How do you help people get their businesses up and running? 
  5. What are you most excited about for the future of urban farming or microgreens specifically?

Nate Dodson serves as the founder and CEO of Microgreens Farmer, a company born out of the success he was having growing and selling microgreens though his business Hugs Urban Farm in Bloomington, Indiana.

Nate launched his urban farm in 2015 as a way to supplement his income and hopefully transition out of a full-time job that he was really starting to dislike.  That job was as an ecological restoration field worker, where he spent his days spraying invasive plants with large amounts of chemicals.  

Nate loved his co-workers, but could no longer stand the grueling work conditions, long hours and days away from his family, and having to wake up every morning before 5am to a blaring alarm clock. So after 5 long years of soul-crushing work, climbing through briars with his clothes soaked in sweat and toxic herbicides, and his body covered in tick bites and poison ivy, he’d had enough! 

That’s when Nate launched his urban farm and discovered the profit potential and joys of focusing the farm around growing microgreens.  He quickly jumped into restaurant sales, farmer’s markets, and started an innovative bike-delivered microgreens subscription program. 

Nate worked hard to create efficient systems that produced healthy profit margins and focused a great deal of his effort building a streamlined sales process and acquiring customers. It was such an incredible, thrilling experience getting a business off the ground and making sales!

Shortly thereafter, Nate started his Youtube Channel and website as a way to share his journey, methods, and tools with others who have the strong desire to build a streamlined home-based business that’s fun, meaningful, and profitable.  He also wrote and still gives away a free Quick Start Guide ebook which explains all the steps you need to take to launch your Microgreens Business today.

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