Finding Faith in a World Gone Mad

Tobin Crenshaw author of his bestselling book, The Beautiful Lie: Finding Faith in a World Gone Mad joins Enterprise Radio. In his book, Tobin explains his decision to leave the ministry, as well as the details leading to his return.

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Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Tobin Crenshaw discuss the following:

  1. What are two of the most powerful inspirational stories people will find in the book? 
  2. How do you tap into the intelligence of the heart to live a more meaningful life?   
  3. Why your circumstances do not determine your level of fulfillment and happiness?
  4. What is the best tool for improving a marriage?
  5. What are the six human needs that drive all human behavior?

Tobin Crenshaw is a certified strategic interventionist, motivational speaker, pastor, and bestselling author. He has spent over 10 years in full-time ministry while simultaneously working in the criminal justice field. A former Marine, he completed undergraduate and graduate studies in theology while traveling the globe to learn some of the world’s deepest spiritual truths. He also completed strategic intervention training at Robbins-Madanes Training under his teachers Tony Robbins, Cloe Madanes, Mark Peysha, and Magali Peysha. Tobin works with individuals, organizations, and couples seeking to make authentic and powerful change.


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