6 tips for Instagram marketers to grow your business

I know you must have heard a lot about Instagram and its awesome opportunities for marketers. In this article, I will be giving you some important tips on how to build your business or brand to gain Instagram followers and get customers and potential followers.

Build Your Community with a branded Hashtag

This strategy works well on other social media platforms, but it’s just perfect for Instagram. Hashtags are the spice of Instagram, if you create a unique hashtag for posts, campaigns, or contest, you give these posts a unique signature. When you create unique and engaging geo-targeted content, a custom hashtag will just be the perfect icing to the cake. You need to be very particular about hashtags even when you post images or videos with the aim to gain more followers. 

Make Valuable Partnerships That Supports Your Brand

You shouldn’t see Instagram as a competition, rather as a community, that it is why you need to build strong partnerships with other brands that support your brand’s value. Promote your partnership with them and let your customers know how much you value them. By doing so, you get potential followers from your partners.

Relate with Your Customers without Losing Your Brand’s Value

Let me give a scenario to explain this. Let’s say you run a financial consulting service and you have customers that love sports cars. You can post pictures of sports cars once in a while, but your caption should do the trick here. Would you love to have this beauty someday? You can, if you begin to make good financial decisions. Call us today for a free consultation. With this, you have been able to relate with your customers without losing your value.

Never Over-Post

This is actually self-explanatory. Don’t clog the feed of your customers with too many posts. You don’t need to upload an entire album in a day. Take your time and schedule your posts. I recommend that you post not more than twice daily. And you should do them at the right time. Supposed best time for posting is between 8am-9am and 2 am.

Advertise Your Instagram Everywhere you go

Social media as a whole connects one to another. So it is very important to promote your Instagram everywhere. The Instagram app permits you to link your account to some other social media platforms including Facebook. Take advantage of this. You can also embed your feed into a WordPress website. Add an icon of your handle on all your other social media account.

Make Use of Everything Instagram Has to Offer

Over the years, Instagram has made a lot of changes to their app, and these changes have made the app grow bigger and better. So, it is safe to say; take advantage of all Instagram has to offer. From the awesome filters, editing tools, and special effect, to effective business tools to run your business account perfectly. With all these useful and effective tips, consider buying Instagram followers to speed up the process of getting noticed.

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