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7 Technologies to Use in Human Resources That Just Make Sense

Posted: November 7, 2022 at 11:39 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Human resource professionals continue to use technology to make smarter business decisions. Whether it’s finding the right candidates, selecting a new hire, or managing employee relations, HR technology has come a long way. It’s important to find solutions that meet unique business needs, not just look for the coolest tech to implement. While there are many ways to streamline workflows, these HR technologies make sense because they simplify processes and free up time for HR professionals to truly focus on people.

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Background Check Technology

A long time ago applicants had to go down to the police precinct to get a background check. Once the results came back, these were mailed to the employer as part of the protocol. Some smaller companies still use this method for their new hires. But technology has now made this process much simpler with many different options for background checks. Larger companies can invest in a fast background check that can be done online instead of requiring a visit to the police station. This is not only easier for the potential employee, but it also simplifies the process for HR professionals. It also makes it much quicker and easier to onboard new staff.

Employee Self-Service Systems

Want to reduce paperwork and make processes run more efficiently? Employee self-service tools for HR can reduce the burden on human resource professionals and make things easier for the employees. Want a simple way for employees to complete open enrollment? What about getting reimbursed for business expenses? Employee self-service tools can help you and your company. From onboarding to training to signing up for benefits, there are numerous ways these software systems can alleviate the workload on your team.

AI Recruiting Tools

Recruiting the best employees is the goal of most organizations. They want excellent talent, and they want them now. Using AI tools for recruitment is becoming more popular. While search job search engines like Indeed and LinkedIn are becoming more robust, they include AI features for HR professionals to narrow down the applicant pool. These tools are smarter than typical search engines because they are more intuitive and can read more into the skills that a particular candidate might have.

Expense Management Tools

Employees who travel or have company credit cards need a way to report their expenses to the company and a way to share the receipts. Expense management tools are one of the best ways to do this. Technology exists that allows staff the ability to quickly snap a photo of a receipt and enter the business need into a system. This enables them to always put in their expenses on the fly.

These apps allow easier tracking and accounting later. If there is ever a discrepancy between what the employee purchased and what got entered into the system, the company can easily go back and request proof of the credit card expense. For employees who use personal money and need reimbursement, these systems offer an easy way to give direct deposits quickly to staff who need it.

Adult Learning Management Software

Teaching adults how to do different tasks can easily be done using LMS systems and it can track everything they have completed. Whether you need them to complete annual IT training, or they are learning new skills for a new role, courses administered using LMS technology simplify the process. There is no more wondering whether they completed something or not, you can simply go into the system to determine what’s been done.

Managers and HR teams can assign courses with deadlines as well and the system will send the employee reminders to complete the course. This type of technology is especially helpful because employees can complete tasks when it works best for them instead of working their schedule around a set class time.

Final Thoughts

Using technology for HR tasks just makes sense. From managing personal workflows to recruiting new staff, there are numerous ways to use technology to streamline processes. HR professionals rely on things like background check software and even expense management tools to bring accountability to the company. The most important thing is to discover what the business needs are and then find technology to meet those needs.

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