Why Nursing Work is Important

Nurses with a Master of Science in nursing are on the frontlines of the healthcare sector and if you’re a patient, they’re often your greatest ally and source of support. But they’re often under-appreciated, despite providing over 90% of the healthcare around the world. When it comes to healthcare jobs, nursing shouldn’t be overlooked as it’s an incredibly important role. These are some of the main reasons why the work nurses carry out is so vital to patients and the healthcare sector in general. 

Emotional Support

Nurses provide invaluable emotional support to their patients, as they understand the implications of an illness and the complexities of different symptoms. Nurses are able to counsel not only those suffering but also with the families who are having to cope with a loved one dealing with a chronic illness. Such an important relationship is often an anchor for people during tumultuous times. Nurses are also the biggest advocates of their patients, as doctors often don’t have the time to engage as much with their patients so they’re unaware of the day to day issues they’re facing or their pain levels. Because nurses are dealing with patients more regularly, they’re able to advocate for their needs and fight for them when necessary. 


While nurses are able to specialise in a specific area, and typically do, they’re required to know a little bit of everything in order to help patients dealing with all different health problems. From oncology to gynaecology, nurses have to help their patients cope with a wide range of different issues, so knowledge is crucial. A nurse’s commitment to knowledge proves just how dedicated those in this profession are in order to retain and constantly be learning more about their industry for the wellbeing of their patients. 

Assisting Patients with a Variety of Functions

Nurses don’t just help patients with the emotional side of being ill, although that is a key part of their role, but they also assist them with their bodily functions. Anyone who has had to go through surgery or a debilitating illness will know and appreciate just how much nurses do for patients in order to keep them comfortable, and the kind manner in which they carry out those duties. 

Leading Change

The influence and reach of this profession can be pushed even further when nurses use their voices to inspire legislative changes which will help to minimise the particular struggles of the healthcare system. The public trusts nurses as a source of expert opinion and specialised knowledge, so when nurses use this to their advantage to leverage the media or senior positions, they can help to improve the delivery of healthcare. Evidence of this can be seen in the relationship between nurses and physicians, which has evolved over the last few decades to something more akin to a partnership. Nurses have a specific lens through they can view the delivery of patient care, which physicians are increasingly open to integrating into their practice day to day. 

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