How to share your authentic brand story to attract more customers

Trevor Rappleye, CEO & Passionate Storyteller of Corporate Filming, a production company that shares a company’s story through video joins Enterprise Radio.

Listento hostEric Dye& guest Trevor Rappleye discuss the following:

  1. Why is authenticity important in sales and marketing?
  2. How does video help grow businesses?
  3. Why is story so important in marketing? Why does emotion do in sales?
  4. Why is giving an experience in business so important?
  5. What was a big moment in your business that you had to overcome?

Trevor Rappleye is the CEO and Founder, a national video production firm that drives profit to businesses through story and emotion.CorporateFilming.netloves the customer experience and making people smile through memorable experiences.

Trevor started his business at age 13 and has been in love with story and emotion ever since. He is passionate about being different, standing out and being memorable in business, marketing and sales. He was converting VHS to DVDs, filming family weddings and became a soccer referee at age 13. As a kid who used to stutter and was labeled a “nerd” in school, he wants to inspire people of all ages to follow their dreams, be their true authentic selves and to take risks to achieve their goals. Don’t let anyone tell you what you can’t do. CorporateFilming is obsessed with storytelling and how that drives business growth and prospects to convert to customers.

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