VPNs for Entrepreneurs: Myth or Reality?

If you are a businessman, you need a VPN. If you are surprised about that, perhaps you should learn more about VPNs’ benefits for business.

Why do so many people consider a VPN to be a necessity for everyone who is serious about running a business online? What kind of threats are they talking about when reminding you about cyber security and data protection? Can you consider a VPN to be a magic pill in the 21sy century? We’re going to answer these and many other questions in our today’s article about VPNs and their essential part of any successful business.

VPN in Business

No matter whether you’re running a business from home or office, in both cases, you face the same risks the moment you go online. If you use a VPN you get 2 in 1 – encryption and encapsulation. Protecting your Internet traffic and any data on the cloud means a secure connection between you and a headquarter office as well as you and your customers. A VPN is not only about protecting your personal data and that critical data of your company. It is also about organizing a secure Internet space around your business for the customers.


Connecting to the Internet means sending your data through a local network to the server where the website is. On the way to that server, your traffic is fully unprotected if not using a VPN. But when you have a VPN, everything differs.

  • First of all, go to this site and pick a VPN service, which meets the requirements of your devices;
  • Then, run it on your computer and connect to any server;
  • Now, the process of Internet connection will differ a lot. Your traffic will go through the invisible tunnel as well as be encrypted by a VPN. Any data you send, receive, or store will be automatically hidden from advertisers, spies, and hackers out there. No matter how important or unimportant the information you share is, in any case, it will be fully encrypted for others.

Your IP address will be changed as well. So, your devices automatically get the address of the server, which they are connecting to through a VPN. The threads of data leaks and Internet spying for businesses are more critical and dangerous than for any ordinary Internet user. On an unsecured WiFi network, anyone can watch you and your traffic, interfering into your online activity whenever they want to.

If you’re still not sure whether having a VPN for you is important as for any other business, check the statistics of how many websites and companies are being hacked on a regular basis. You’ll be definitely surprised. The previous year was especially rich in major hacks and hacker interferences all over the world. WannaCry, NotPetya, and Bad Rabbit are one of the biggest data breaches ever existed. In 2017 they caused harm not only to a single company but a branch of companies in different countries. So, don’t put your business at risk and get a VPN. If you are having trouble looking for a reliable VPN provider check out Cyberghost review!

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