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Two Essential Career Fields That Change Lives And Shape Communities Every Day

Posted: November 5, 2022 at 10:55 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

All working adults, in some ways, contribute to their communities. Your tax dollars help local and federal governments to sustain the national economy and develop programs that assist those in need. Your workplace provides goods and services to consumers. More importantly, your hard work helps businesses thrive. Be that as it may, it’s not uncommon to feel like you’re not doing enough or fulfilled at your current place of employment. 

Some individuals want to perform their jobs and carry on with everyday life without complication. Then, there are those who wish to do more to help themselves, their families, the community, and even the world. If the latter describes you, perhaps you’d be interested in pursuing one of these life-changing and impactful careers listed below. 

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The Education System

Education is the foundation for living a happy and fulfilling life. When students attend school, they learn basic skills, including reading, writing, solving problems, and socializing. Education fine-tunes critical thinking, encourages diversity, and shapes cultural, societal, scientific, and historical perspectives.  It drives confidence, fosters creativity, and provides students with the essential tools they need to acquire and maintain a fulfilling career. 

However, none of this is possible without the administrators, teachers, counselors, and support staff working daily to provide a quality student experience. What better way to help your community and the world than to be part of the team that shapes the lives and minds of future generations?

Entry-level positions in the education field might include office assistants, teaching assistants, substitute teachers, janitorial staff, and cafeteria aides.

If you have experience in the education field or a relevant college degree, you can work as a teacher, human resource personnel, librarian, athletic coach, or specialized educator. Advanced positions like principal, vice principal, school counselor, or board of education director will require a degree in a related field like a bachelor’s or doctorate in educational psychology, general education, language arts, history, science, mathematics, business management, or leadership. 

Public Service

Education isn’t the only way you can help your community and change the world; the public service sector is another essential option to consider. As a public servant, your job helps support, protect, and shape the community. Although many of these professions can be emotionally taxing at times, the reward of helping thousands of individuals and families makes it worthwhile. 

Public service involves a broad range of careers. Some of the most common include police officers, firefighters, social workers, home health aides, lawyers, paramedics, and military personnel. Getting started in any of these careers will likely require a college degree, proper licensing, passing physical or departmental exams, and on-the-job training. 

Once you acquire the necessary skills and requirements, you’ll find that the skies are the limit when it comes to helping your community. Imagine policing a community to keep them safe, helping individuals in emergency situations, or assisting low-income individuals and families with housing, healthcare, job assistance, food, and other necessities. It’s an indescribable feeling that only motivates you to go harder to be there for those in need.

Most people that enter the public service sector receive decent salaries and fringe benefits and have no issues moving up the ranks, and often stay in the same field until retirement. 

Which Career Path Is Right For You? 

Of course, these aren’t the only two career paths that are dedicated to helping people. However, they are often the most in-demand and overlooked opportunities. As you decide which of these options is best for you, consider factors such as your lifestyle, education, professional experience, and areas of interest. Then do more in-depth research on the position of your choosing to learn more about what you need to get a position in one of the above fields. 

It may take some time, but it won’t take long until you realize how your sacrifice and dedication does wonders to help improve the community and, ultimately, the world

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