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Top Ways You Can Market Your New Business As An Online Entrepreneur

Posted: June 20, 2018 at 12:06 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Now that you are an online entrepreneur and officially running you’re own business, your most challenging task yet lies ahead: marketing your business.

Marketing is very important for any business to do, because you can’t just expect swarms of customers to naturally find you. Instead, you need to put your brand name out there to attract their attention in the first place.

But while marketing and advertising may not be the most fun part of running a business, it is fully necessary and there are also a variety of ways for how you can do it, as we shall soon see.

Here are the top ways that you can market your new business as an online entrepreneur:

Start A Blog

Starting a blog may sound like a major hassle, especially if you’re not a natural born writer yourself. But there are other ways to write blog posts besides you writing them; you can hire freelance writers for example.

Starting a blog on your business website will be one of the very best ways to expand your online presence and rank for more search keywords so your site will rank higher on Google (more on this later).

If you do commit to starting a blog, then you will also need to commit to posting blog articles on a regular basis (such as one per week), and you will also want to ensure that each post contains value so it will be worth the reader’s time.

Create A Video Advertisement 

Your next option will be to create a video advertisement. In fact, this is one of the most effective marketing tools there is today. As Idea Rocket Animation notes, “More and more, businesses today are turning to video to communicate with their prospects or employees in a more compelling way.”

Video advertisements are heavily effective because you can present your company’s vision, values, mission, and products/services to customers in a very visual and easy-to-understand manners. 

Videos are also very shareable and an excellent way to build a presence on YouTube, the second largest search engine there is. You should also have at least one video posted on the front page of your website so that it’s easy to find.

Contribute To An Online Community

And specifically, create to an online community that’s in the same basic niche as your business. The best places to find online communities will be groups on social media outlets such as Facebook or Twitter, starting your own YouTube channel, becoming a regular Reddit contributor in your niche, or visiting online forums and posting regularly.

What’s important is that you don’t sound likes a salesman (or woman) by simply pitching your product or showcasing your website and nothing more. Instead, the key word to remember is ‘contribute.’

This means answering questions or problems that people provide, networking, making new friends, and engaging with others. In a way, you’re advertising yourself without actually advertising yourself. 

Use SEO Tactics

The best way to make your website more visible on the web will be to use SEO (search engine optimization) tactics. Google runs their system based on an algorithm, so the websites that you see on the first page when you type in anything into the search engine are not there on accident. They’re there for specific reasons.

One example of something you can do to rank higher on search engines is to research popular keywords and phrases in your niche and then populate your website or blog content with them. Don’t overdo it; you should only need two or three popular keywords, and include them just one or two times each. 

You’ll also want to include those keywords at strategic locations, such as in your opening paragraph, your headline, your conclusion, and even in your blog or page title.

Another way to practice good SEO is to incorporate more high quality images and videos into your blog, as doing so will cause Google to rank your website higher.

And finally, check your content for proper spelling, grammar, and readability, because otherwise your rankings are going to take a hit.

Marketing Your New Online Business 

Truth be told, online business marketing is not overly difficult. It just requires a lot of time and energy, but it’s an effort that will be well worth it in the end, because other than delivering on the promises you make and providing high quality products (or services), there’s no other way to attract the customers you need.

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