5 Tips to building SEO proactively on your website

Let me start by saying that, “No, SEO is not dying in 2018.” My prediction is that it will continue becoming better and better. By the way, if you think that SEO is a one-strategy factor, you are wrong. You and your team have to continue working hard to ensure that you rank high on the search engine results page consistently.

The question is, are you ready to work towards the betterment of your site? If you are prepared to know other strategies to adopt as you build SEO on your website, here are some tips that could be of great help to you.

  1.  Create a “coming soon” page

Well, many would choose to skip this because, realistically, it makes no sense. But honestly, it has a lot of effects. The thing is, getting ranked on Google takes time. If you are not careful, it can take a lot of time to get you up there. Ask those who have been doing it for some time and they will tell you that getting that ranking is not easy, and requires so much patience.

With this in mind, be sure to create a coming soon page on your website before you launch your website. It works wonders. People begin to be curious about what is to come. Another great thing you can add to that page is the company’s vision. Add it in the form of a PDF document or a small detailed copy on the website.

  1. Link building

Link building is an art. The internet is full of resources that help you to build links with others. By the way, we can relate link building to public relations. Just like the way a company would love to get some airtime on television,it is the same strategy on the web. Get to publish content on other sites that are of the same niche.

You can also choose to do guest posts on local and international directories. People will see you as an authority and will follow you at the end. It is also wise to ask others to link to your site. The other strategy is to get interviewing opportunities. Get a popular podcast where they can interview you.

  1. Display advertising

Here, you will have to create attractive logos, photographs, posters, videos, and other promotional graphics. The best thing about display advertising is that it helps to reach your prospects through posting graphics on other sites. The ad will appear on the promoting site or app space, which we usually refer to as an ad space.

The most famous company that helps in display advertising is Google display ad. Remember, Google is a powerful tool, and you have a potential of reaching up to 85% of the world’s population. By the way, they will use cookies to know the kind of client to reach.

  1. Paid Search Marketing

As I said earlier, getting organic traffic depends on your website’s position on the search engine. For some, waiting for months to get on the first page may become bad for business. Therefore, paid search marketing is the shortcut to this problem.  

If you are wondering what this is, then look for the few bolded results on top of the search

engine results page. They usually appear on top of the other results, which rank high because of organic traffic. It will also help to improve the amount of traffic you get, which will be consistent, by the way. Google AdWords and Bing are the best at providing this service.

  1. Use social media

Nowadays, social media is a marketing stronghold. I will not insist on paid marketing on the best social media sites. However, they are still useful. You can opt for a cheaper way to get organic traffic on your site by creating a reputable social media profile. Post informational content on these sites. Trust me, people will follow you; in fact, they will trust your advice.

Before launching your website, use social media to create an awareness of products and services that you will offer. It is also essential to create links that are useful, and two, easy to track and follow. If you are looking for the best SEO providers, visit https://synapsesearch.nz.

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