Online Entrepreneur Academy Breaking the Trends in Online Entrepreneurial Training

If you’ve ever dreamed of building your own business from scratch, then you know how puzzling it can be to learn the different tricks of the trade. This applies especially if you haven’t had any experience running any kind of business. Not to mention, the startup costs can prove substantial. Thankfully, building an online business has a lower barrier to entry because of the lower initial investment and the ability to instantly promote your products or services to a wide range of audience.

Still, you need to equip yourself with the proper training to get your business up and running. Online Entrepreneur Academy is a one-year training program designed to help people turn themselves into successful online entrepreneurs. We were fortunate enough to talk to Founder and CEO Alex Dee, who happily shares his excitement in helping people realize their dreams.

Online Entrepreneur Academy is the first of its kind, offering a one-year training program about online entrepreneurship. Can you walk us through how it all started?

Alex Dee: I’ve had my fair share of struggles in the corporate world. Many years ago, I had to spend 42 out of 52 weeks away from my family. I had to do it to provide for the people I love most, but I knew that I couldn’t live under these circumstances for the rest of my life. With my background in private equity, I started studying hundreds of business models and finding a way to apply my knowledge in setting up an online business. Fast forward to today, I operate several online businesses and through my years of experience, I want to impart what I know to other people who want to be their own boss. These online businesses can be started by anybody, even those who don’t have much experience, or people working from home, using platforms such as Shopify, which you can learn more about here.

Why did you decide to come up with a one-year curriculum instead of a much shorter training course?

Alex Dee: I spent hours upon hours every day just to master the timeless business principles and the most relevant online marketing techniques. I know for a fact that nobody can learn everything within a month. Yes, some training courses that last only a couple of weeks may prove helpful, but only if you’re trying to learn about an aspect of online entrepreneurship. My vision is to help people gain a solid understanding of running an online business—from finding their niche to creating viable products or services to how to market them and make sales!

What challenges have you already faced in the early stages of Online Entrepreneur Academy?

Alex Dee: The market for training courses about online entrepreneurship is more crowded than you’d imagine. Several industry experts offer programs that teach the fundamentals of online marketing, insider knowledge on particular niches, or advanced tactics to boost sales. Before launching Online Entrepreneur Academy, I knew that I had to offer something fresh and unique to aspiring business owners. This is precisely why I came up with a customized training program that consists of LIVE VIRTUAL courses.

There are lots of different ways to make money online. So, we show the member how to pick a “success tier” that’s a match for them based on their personality, strengths, and what type of life they want to create. We then teach it live so there are others that are going thru it with them. This community allows for members to have the biggest transformations and get results! It compels people to stick to the process, even if it requires a significant time investment.

We walk them through every step, and even provide an enrollment counselor as they go thru their customized curriculum, ensuring that they do not skip any crucial information that can make a difference in their entrepreneurial careers.

Who should enroll in your training program?

Alex Dee: Online Entrepreneur Academy is open to everyone who wishes to transform their lives in ways they may only dream of right now. We understand the challenges that come with starting and growing an online business. Whether you plan on selling physical goods or offering services such as writing or video creation or just marketing other people’s or famous companies’ products, you’ll find our academy immensely helpful.

It’s also interesting how diverse our community is. Many are stay-at-home parents and retirees who want to generate a passive income stream, so they can enjoy their lives while being with their families. There are also business owners and marketers who want to expand their knowledge in online marketing and find ways to explore the most advanced techniques to reach their online audience. And by customizing our program based on the needs of each member, we guarantee that everyone who finishes our course will be more than ready to become an online entrepreneur.

Without question, Online Entrepreneur Academy is setting the bar high in the field of online entrepreneurial training. With a team of industry experts, they are well-equipped to take on the challenge of attracting aspiring entrepreneurs and helping them build successful business ventures.

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