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How to resolve call waiting blues while building a good business case

Posted: June 20, 2018 at 12:37 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Founder and CEO Mark Horwood of Captivate Connect, the leading provider of voice platform-based customer experience enhancement joins Enterprise Radio. The Company’s core solution enables the delivery of a range of caller wait time options from simple ‘streamed’ music on hold service through to a voice activated and web-based interactive experience.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Mark Horwood discuss the following:

  1. Of the three main channels of communications with customers, less than 1% of customer experience budgets are spent on the telephony channel despite the fact that 33% of business is done on the phone. Now that is an alarming figure Mr Horwood, are you able to explain what your research at Captivate Connect has uncovered?
  2. So, there is a solution to call waiting blues that builds a good business case? Can you explain more about that?
  3. What are some other ways Captivate Connect is helping to improve the customer experience?
  4. I’ve heard about a jukebox option that is available through Captivate Connect – which sounds like a fantastic way to ease those call waiting blues. Can you tell me a bit more about this?
  5. One issue that I am hearing time and time again is the lack of analysis and monitoring by businesses to capture statistics around call abandonment and incoming calls. Does Captivate Connect offer analysis tools to its clients to capture this information?

Summary: It is common knowledge that customers dislike waiting on hold at a contact centre or even just during the call transfer time. Captivate Connect provides an enjoyable wait time experience and a return on investment to the business. By offering unique and tailored customer experiences while customers wait on hold, it not only makes the time go quicker for the customer, so they are more likely to stay on hold, but it also enables the company to learn valuable information about the customer on hold.

Captivate Connect provides a customer experience enhancement to businesses which use telephony as a communications channel. By enhancing the customer experience, Captivate Connect has generated sales leads and engagement with customers to corporations globally.

For over two decades, Captivate Connect has provided professional scripting and voice talent for on hold messages, branded interactive voice response (IVR) recordings, auto attendants, music productions and voice productions. Since its west coast inception in Perth, Western Australia, the organisation has expanded into North America, Europe, Africa, South East Asia, South America and New Zealand.

Remaining at the forefront of technology in the delivery of audio, music and data content is Captivate Connect‘s mission.

Audio content is continuously tested and measured for effectiveness and relevance while the unique internet-based delivery enables rapid updates with no user intervention.

Captivate Connect’s software integrates seamlessly with multi-line phone systems, analogue, digital or VoIP platforms allowing Captivate Connect to service corporate and government entities, call centres and small to medium enterprises.


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