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The strategic importance of leveraging your customer service group to really understanding your customer

Posted: May 31, 2015 at 6:23 pm / by / comments (0)

Lou Altman

Lou Altman, CEO and Lead Trainer at Next Level that provides strategic training with the purpose of customer service redemption for those companies that are really serious about providing exceptional customer care joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guestLou Altman discuss the following:

  • What do you mean with the question, why are you running your company backwards?
  • You call yourself the Customer Service Redeemer. What does that mean?
  • What is that redemption that you talk about in your programs?
  • Why, in your opinion has customer service become so bad?
  • If companies know they are not very good at customer service, why don’t they do something about it?
  • When a company wants to improve their customer service level, where do they start?
  • You say that customer service is a hugely underutilized profit center in any organization. How do you explain that statement?
  • You talk about client retention A LOT! When does a company start the retention process?
  • I hear the terms – features and benefits being used in sales and marketing. What’s the difference between features and benefits?
  • You are about your clients not customers, but clients. What’s the difference?
  • What makes your Next Level approach to corporate training so unique?

Duration: 22:41

Lou Altman’s first business was selling cold sodas to motorists on hot summer days during the 1974 gas shortages. That entrepreneurial vision and client care model has guided Lou to:

  • Create and train multi-million dollar client retention programs
  • Create and deliver sales, communications and retention training
  • Run sales campaigns upwards of $300 million
  • Manage a sales team with the highest conversion rate in the company’s history
  • Build his company GlobaFone to be a top satellite Service Provider

Lou’s client relationship model has been the driving force behind GlobaFone’s unique approach to delivering MSS (Mobile satellite Services) solutions for 17 years. With a diverse client base ranging from Federal, State and Local Governments to defense contractors to Fortune 100 clients, GlobaFone and its sister company East Coast SatCom exemplify that there is more to value than just price. Retention tops 90% and clients are loyal for eight, 10, 12 even 16 years, with an average life span that is three times the industry average.

The two companies serve industries such as consumer goods, finance, travel, aviation, energy and defense. Dozens of Federal, State and Local government clients have benefited from Lou’s direct consultation and GlobaFone’s unique processes and exceptional client support. Lou is an invited international speaker and advocates satellite communications to help heroes save lives. He is a member of the NCC/NCS, a public/private group that monitors communications systems all around the US.

Lou has a BA in Psychology and Sociology and an MBA in Marketing. A Consultant to Guidepoint Global Advisors in the Satcom sector, Lou is also a member of Lions International and is active in other charitable endeavors including his Church, ASPCA, NH Special Olympics, Seacoast Family Promise and FIRST Robotics.



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