The Music Industry Is Meeting Its Match

Anthony Citrinite, Founder and CEO of an innovative new App that is revolutionizing the music industry joins the eMusician Podcast Show.

Introduced earlier this year at the NAMM convention, the App is called MeetHook and it works by connecting artists and professionals with fans and students in real time through one on one video sessions. Allowing musicians to earn an extra income — anytime, anywhere — while proving unparalleled access for fans, MeetHook is changing the game.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Anthony Citrinite discuss the following:

  1. Please describe how the app works in your own words.
  2. Why did you start it? Why do you think there is a need? 
  3. Do you have any notable artists featured on the app that you want to mention? 
  4. What has been your biggest learning in launching the app? 
  5. What advice would you give other entrepreneurs?

MeetHook Founder & CEO Anthony Citrinite (“Ant Cee”) is an established pro musician with a number of career highlights including playing on live TV with Boston at the Fiesta Bowl in 2002, with Katy Perry and Joe Perry in 2009 at Radio City Music Hall, on the MTV Video Music Awards, and playing percussion for Coheed and Cambria to a sold out show later that year. His sticks are on display at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and he can be heard on a number of notable major label releases and movie soundtracks with his band The SmashUp. He has also been a part of The Collective School of Music executive staff and board for 23 years. Cee is a visionary who is constantly coming up with new ways to help all people follow their passions while sustaining a career in music.

One of these ways is through his latest app MeetHook. This ground-breaking app provides a virtual platform that allows musicians and music industry professionals to host sessions via one-on-one video calls to interact with students, fans or even their contemporaries. During these sessions, users are granted exclusive access to their favorite artists and professionals to take lessons, seek career advice or even ask that burning question, without fear of interruption. 

In turn, hosts receive the benefit of getting paid a fair rate for his or her time (each host determines his or her own rate) and the opportunity to work from anywhere, at any time, with no strings attached. In fact, MeetHook was built by musicians so the App is designed to make hosting a session quick and easy – and payment is always on time and deposited directly into Paypal or a designated bank account. Hosts are paid by the minute and have the opportunity to choose when they want to be available for a session. Once registered, the hosts can turn their availability on at a moment’s notice and the App alerts everyone who has favored their profiles. 

One early adopter and advocate for the App is Jane’s Addiction Drummer Stephen Perkins. He says, “MeetHook connects people of all levels in their craft. It is leveling the playing field for sought-after information and the exchange of that knowledge is priceless. There is real power in the experience with MeetHook. It’s a one on one conversation with the source”.

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