The Machine Takeover: 3 Ways Automated Machine Learning Will Drive Your Business to New Heights

As technology evolves, computers can fill more and more places inside a business. With the right skilled people behind it, your computer can be a potent and independent employee in itself.

The process of this powerful goal is automated machine learning

How does this process get you to independent, data managing computers? What does this all mean for your business and future?

Below are some of the big things you should consider for the future of machine learning.

What Is Automated Machine Learning?

Automated machine learning is not Artificial Intelligence.

The computer does not think on its own. It will not form complex thoughts that don’t fit the parameters that it works with.

What automated machine learning revolves around is the parameters we give it. Give a machine enough data that shows it how and why it organizes data a certain way, and soon it will be able to sort the data by itself.

For example, in 2007, the head of Stanford’s AI Lab fed a computer thousands of simple images of cats, each labeled as a cat.

After thousands of these images, it was able to tell what pictures had a cat in them by itself.

The 3 Ways Machine Learning Puts You Ahead

Below are some of the top uses of machine learning in the workplace. This only scratches the surface of what you can do with pinpoint use of this technology. 

If you want to delve further into this subject, it is time to discover more.

1. Keeping Your Information Clean

Clean data refers to well-sorted data that has a known place and purpose. 

Without organization, older data becomes a minefield of information that could be obsolete. Organization keeps that potential waste to an absolute minimum. The power of organization can also help you prioritize security and privacy.

Once you can teach a machine what to look for, sorting data will be an absolute breeze. This will keep a constant check for quality in your organization going forward.

2. Handling the Little Things

Sorting data is an easy thing for machines to learn and adapt to. Computers have a massive range of small tasks that can help your company run smoothly.

Facial recognition is an easy task for machines to learn. They can recognize faces in a quick and consistent manner. This can make security clearances fast and effective.

Filtering e-mail is one of the most common uses of machine learning. By quantifying what you want within the e-mail, a machine filters out any spam and other unwanted material.

Like filtering e-mail, using machine learning for fraud detection can be an effective way to catch things that may fall through the cracks.

Methods of fraud change all the time. You need a machine that can recognize the patterns needed to catch fraud as it changes.

3. Decision Making in Real Time

Seeing patterns and acting on them is a needed skill in the worlds of advertising and management. 

Given the right parameters and time, machines can recognize patterns at inhuman speeds.

Need to track what ads users click on the most? No problem.

Looking to measure and anticipate preferences amongst your users? Already done.

Given the right setup, a machine will become an engine of pattern prediction. This makes your job of when and where to target your audience an easy one. 

Balancing Technology with Human Skill

All this talk about automated machine learning is a cause to celebrate, not alarm. This is not how machines take over. All of this requires a keen eye for management and a skilled worker behind the computer.

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