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The Best Pick: The 5 Best Podcasting Software of 2021

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Podcasts are popular all around the world and there are millions of people all over the world who are avid listeners of podcasts. With all the podcasts that keep you engaged for hours, have you ever wondered how these are made?

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Some of you must be imagining a huge recording studio with various gizmos that you have no idea about. Right?

Well, podcasts can now be very easily made on software that can help us save time and put more effort into the creative and professional aspects of the recordings.

Now that you know that there is software to easily put together such podcasts, wouldn’t you want to make your own someday?

If yes then which one would you select? 

There are hundreds of software out there. 

We’ve made the choice a lot easier for you by putting together a list of the top 5 software by comparing all the various factors and elements that you would see before choosing the best one for you.

1) Boomcaster

This newly launched software gives you all the perks that you want from a top podcasting software, with some minor but necessary features that set it out from the competition.

It has a straightforward sign-up process, with tons of customizable features to play with. Moving forward, the custom invitation Boomcaster is also very unique and handy as you can send the invite to a number of people with ease. On top of it, every session is double recorded as it simultaneously recorded locally and through video conferencing. So you have a dual recording for every session which makes the date more secure from your end

At last, the pricing of Boomcaster hits the sweet spot, as it offers 100GB additional storage and 5 hours of additional high-definition recording.

Price: $20 Per Month (Add Ons: $0.7 per additional minute & $10 per additional 100 GB)

2) Auphonic

Auphonic is probably the most popular software out of the 5 we have shortlisted. The software has many templates that make it ridiculously easy to build an entire podcast within minutes.

A major reason why this app is so popular is that even though it is paid and is not so expensive it also has a free option which simply limits the number of hours you can record. If you find you want some specific features that require you to buy the software you can also select from multiple highly affordable packages. Each of these packages opens up different features and gives access to different things in the software.

It is available on both Mac and Windows. It also has a mobile app that is available only on android.

Price: Per month – $100 


          Packages starting from $12


          Free trial with up to 2 hours of recording

3) Alitu

Alitu is another very user-friendly podcasting software that is gaining popularity among users. It is so user-friendly that it is known to be the best for beginners who have very little or almost no technical knowledge about editing audio recordings.

It is web-based software so it can be used on all platforms like Mac, Windows, and Linux. 

But because it is an online software it also has some hurdles that one would not usually find on other options. 

It is probably not the best for long recordings since it is web-based and relies on a very strong and dependable network. So, if a network breaks or glitches there will be a considerable data loss in the recording which is almost impossible to cover up.

Even so, Alitu is still very efficient at automatically processing the recording, taking out glitches, and removing noise from the recordings.

Price – $28 per month


$280 annually

4) Audacity

Audacity is another podcasting software that is famous in the market and poses as a huge competition to Auphonic. 

This isn’t the best choice for someone with no technical knowledge in this field as it has quite a basic and technical interface. 

For someone with a little knowledge about such software, Audacity is probably the best option as it offers various features and plugins to make a highly customized podcast.

It is a free digital audio editing software that can convert recording into 16-bit, 24-bit, or 32-bit audio files.

One drawback that is usually highlighted in this podcasting software is that you can not upload a file directly to a podcast hosting platform but then again many other ways around this don’t require a lot of effort either.

Price- Free of cost

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