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Supercharge Your Productivity with these Five Home Office Design Tips

Posted: December 17, 2016 at 7:44 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Working from home can be an absolute dream come true for driven entrepreneurs.

However, it can be equally daunting for those who’ve never taken the leap toward stay-at-home employment.

After all, there are so many distractions out there that can keep us from effectively getting down to business. Especially if you’ve never worked from home or set up your own home office, you may be shocked at how hard it is to stay focused until you actually sit down to work.

You need to ensure that you’ve picked the proper space in your home or apartment before you even begin decorating. For starters, choose a space that ticks the following boxes:

  • Not your bedroom; you should strive to keep your desk space separate from your sleeping space
  • Somewhere in your home that’s at least somewhat closed off: if you don’t have a designated room that represents your office, a cornered-off area of your living room will do
  • Somewhere in your home where you have a decent amount of space to get your work done (think: enough room for a dual monitor set-up or designated business phone)

Beyond settling down, don’t overlook the elements of décor and design in regard to how you set up your office space. The following tips can help ensure your productivity and keep you cozy when it comes time to make your design decisions.

Love Your Lighting

Light can have a subtle yet significant impact on our productivity. Some people work well in dim lighting; meanwhile, others thrive in the glow of natural light. Regardless of what you prefer, you should strive to make sure that you have complete control of your lighting.

For example, shading solutions such as vertical blinds can let light in or keep it out accordingly. Additionally, you may enjoy having multiple lamps around your desk that can help set the tone for your workspace.

There’s plenty to experiment with in regard to light. If you’re unhappy with the mood of your office, feel free to play around with different bulbs and arrangements.

Separate Work and Play

While it may be tempting to double-dip work and play in regard to your office space, you should strive to keep them separate as means of freeing yourself from distractions. For example, any gym equipment or random pieces of furniture you’ve gathered in your office space can serve as psychological blocks keeping you from getting down to business.

Bear in mind that you likelier to get more done in a cozier, smaller space that is synonymous with “work.” Your home office should represent your office, plain and simple.

Add Small Personal Touches

That being said, your office should not represent a place of gloom and doom. Feel free to let your personality shine with some personal touches.

From simple office plants to family photo albums and beyond, remind yourself that there’s more to your home office than the daily grind. Also consider including a splash of color within your décor, whether that means hanging up some motivation imagery on the walls or a fresh coat of paint for your space.

Smarter Seating

Since you certainly will be spending a bulk of your time sitting down, you should ensure that you’re as comfortable as possible. You better you feel in your seat, you more likely you are to stay focused versus taking constant stretch breaks and worrying about the well-being of your back.

While you don’t necessarily need to splash a ton of cash on a space-age office chair, don’t just bring in some random kitchen chair to your desk and call that “comfort.” At the very least, invest in some cushioning and back support to maintain your health and productivity.

Select Some Scents

Many home office workers feel cooped up as they don’t have the opportunity to embrace the outdoors. Simple scents, either in the form of fragrant office plants, candles or diffusers can go a long way to making yourself feel more connected to nature within in your space.

Such investments are cost effective and can make your office space seem a bit less dull. Changing your scents regularly can breathe new life into your office and help increase your mood. The happier you are, the more driven you’ll be to get your work done.

Your home office design should inspire productivity, not depression or boredom. Take the time to designate your space for work; however, don’t neglect personal touches and comfort that will ensure your long-term success as a stay-at-home entrepreneur.

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