Simplifying Employee Training Tracking, Reporting, and Audits with an LMS

Nina LaRosa the Marketing Director of Moxie Media, an employee e-learning company based in New Orleans, Louisiana joinsEnterprise Radio.

Listento hostEric Dye& guest Nina LaRosa discuss the following:

  1. What are the benefits of using a learning management system (LMS) for employee training?
  2. What should a good LMS offer?
  3. How can employers measure the success of a training program?
  4. Which industries benefit most from e-learning for employees? Are there any that shouldn’t use e-learning?
  5. What’s a common misconception about using an LMS?

Summary:If you want to cut down on the paperwork and data entry related to your company training, there’s no better way than switching to an LMS. It can also cut down on time, energy, and stress during audits. You’ll have everything you need in a single place, organized and easy to use.

Nina LaRosa is the Marketing Director of Moxie Media, a workplace safety, health, and HR online training and LMS company based in New Orleans, Louisiana. She has a Bachelor of Arts in graphic design from Tulane University School of Professional Advancement. LaRosa joined Moxie in 2006.

Founded in 1985 by Martin Glenday, Moxie Media’s President and Executive Producer, the company has provided design and production services to organizations throughout the world. Moxie specializes in safety, security, health and wellness, and human resources training programs for businesses. From maritime to oil and gas to hospitality, Moxie works with a wide variety of industries. With over 300 courses as well as custom course development services, Moxie Media can train employees in any topic or procedure.

Moxie Media’s learning management system (LMS) makes training employees easier than ever. It provides companies with a customized training portal, powerful tracking tools, and easy-to-use reporting. Online, offline, and mobile capabilities allow employers and employees access to training, tracking, and reporting from anywhere. When companies want to reduce paperwork, meet compliance requirements, and manage audits, Moxie’s LMS is the perfect solution.


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