Questions to Answer with Your Food Truck Business Plan

Before you start your food truck business, it’s important to come up with a good business plan. Failing to have a business plan can set you up for failure. The goal of your business plan is to plan for success. How do you make sure you have a good business plan? Coming up with a business plan may seem a bit overwhelming, but it’s an important part of planning a growing, thriving business. To get the most from your business plan, make sure your food truck business plan answers the following important questions.

Question #1 – What Sets Your Apart from the Competition?

This is often referred to as the “competitive advantage.” What is going to make you stand out from the competition. What trade secrets, trademarks, intellectual property, etc. is going to ensure your food truck has a boost over your competitors.

Question #2 – Are Customers Willing to Pay for Your Food?

Do you have a way to make sure you’ll have enough paying customers to pay your bills, stay in business, and start making money? You need to make sure you have the capital to take care of yourself while you’re busy working to get your food truck business off the ground. Remember, it can take a bit of time before your food truck begins bringing in a profit.

Question #3 – How Will Your Market Your Food Truck?

Marketing is an important part of making your food truck business successful. How are you going to market your food truck? It’s not enough to have great food. People actually need to know about your food truck. Do you plan to use tradition means of advertising? Will you harness the power of social media to market your new food truck business? Will you bring traditional and internet marketing methods together?

Question #4 – How Do You Plan to Finance Your Food Truck Business?

Financing your new venture is important. If you’re trying to get people to invest in your business, they’ll want to see your business plan. In many cases, it looks great on your business plan if you can put out some of the money to get started yourself. Investors like to see that you’re willing to invest in your own business. Explore your financing options within your business plan and decide what financing routes you plan to take. It’s also a good idea to describe financial projections for the business, including the amount of money that you will need to get the food truck business started.

Question #5 – How Will You Staff Your Food Truck?

Staffing the financial, sales, and production parts of your new food truck business is important, and even if you end up taking on all the roles yourself in the beginning, you need to show a realization that eventually you probably won’t be able to do everything on your own. Come up with a plan that shows that you recognize your limitations and how you plan to deal with staffing when it’s time to add to your staff.

Remember, your food truck business plan is about laying out a good plan for growth and it’s also to help enlighten and reassure the readers if you’re taking your plan to investors. Remember, you don’t have to have a fancy, long business plan and you can even start by buying a used food truck for sale, but you do need a good plan that answers the right questions so you can start your business planning for success.

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