How Sports Information Traders consistently beats Las Vegas

Sports Information Traders

Jon Price of Sports Information Traders the most famous living sports handicapper, with features in the Huffington Post, Forbes Magazine, Card Player Magazine, and many more joins Enterprise Radio to discuss the industry and how point spreads are made along with opinions on the handicapping business.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Jon Price discuss the following:

  • Let’s discuss sports information traders and how your company has had so much success over the past few years.
  • How much of what you do for your clients is about simply attaining the highest winning percentage?
  • Will handicappers and companies like yours be helped or hurt if sports wagering does become legal in the next few years like it has already became with Norwegian betting sites and similar sites in EU?
  • Is there a method that works best like just simply picking underdogs or betting against public perception?
  • If someone wanted to form a company and get involved in the handicapping industry how should they start?

Being named the worlds best sports bettor was difficult enough but keeping that title is even harder. Jon Price came out of being a reclusive sports bettor and celebrated his retirement by allowing others to profit from his betting advice. With a specific focus on Football, Basketball, and Hockey Price has also made millions of dollars from other sports including big wagers on Floyd “Money” Mayweather.

With an approach on hiring the most talented numbers personal and working off of in depth stats as well as using gut instinct has proven that you can become a millionaire by using math and combining that with your love for sports. Money is not the end game however.

This year Sports Information Traders and Price has donated money to victims of Hurricane Harvey and the Wildfires that have ravaged northern California. He continues to work hard at staying the best sports bettor and motivated to continue making his clients money and giving back to the world as long as giving back excludes the sportsbooks.


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