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Parmacotto, a new player in the American food market

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Alessandro Sita’, the CEO of Parmacotto LLC, a new player in the American food market joins Enterprise Radio. Parmacotto products are 100% made in Italy. The brand sells high quality cured meats to large scale retailers and traditional deli sales. 

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Alessandro Sita’ discuss the following:

  1. For the listeners who are tuning-in today, can you please provide an overview about the Parmacotto brand and background story?
  2. How does Parmacotto differ from other competitors in the cured meat/deli market?
  3. Can you please tell us more about the Parmacotto USA launch and the recent acquisition announcement?
  4. How will the Parmacotto product line be distributed in the United States? 
  5. Parmacotto is a staple in Italy. Please explain the marketing strategies you plan to execute in 2019 to help spread the word and drive sales for the product line. 
  6. How will Parmacotto reach the estimated sales goal of $20 million by 2020? 

Alessandro Sita’ is the CEO of Parmacotto, LLC that is the result of the recent merger of Parmacotto with Cibo Italia, LLC.

Cibo Italia is an import and distribution company created with partner Larry Saia in 2007 with the Goal of Promoting Premium quality deli meats from Italy within the US  market (Prosciutto Parma, Speck & Mortadella). 

Parmacotto products are present in the food service industry and also in supermarkets across the US.

Alessandro has been working on promoting Italian food and specifically deli meats or salumeria for the past 25 years (15 years in Europe and the last 10 years in the US).  The initial idea was to offer the US consumer with the same quality products that are accessible in Italy.

The US market has evolved a lot since 2007 and today, high-quality charcuteries are popular more and more & American consumers are really careful about selecting clean and healthy products that are all natural, slowly cured, antibiotic-free & humanly raised.

Last year in June Alessandro had the opportunity to meet with their new partners in New York who share the same ideas and values for this market and have decided to join forces to promote such an Iconic Italian brand  “Parmacotto”! 


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