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Engineers & Beers: An Entrepreneur’s Look at the Craft Brewing Industry

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Kyle Sawyer, President of ICC Inc and a craft-brewing professional focused on engineering and manufacturing & Tom Cook, a Founder of Von Ebert Brewing and a leader in the food and hospitality industry joins Enterprise Radio.

This episode of Enterprise Radio is working in conjunction with the Beverage Industry Channel.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guests Kyle Sawyer & Tom Cook discuss the following:

  1. Tom: As a craft brewer, what how did you research and select the equipment you needed for your brewery?
  2. Kyle: As an engineering and tank production expert, what are the key three considerations  a craft brewer should understand before making a significant infrastructure, tank or engineering decision?
  3. Tom: Craft brewing is exploding in the Pacific Northwest, and getting a reputation for excellence.  What can you, as a craft brewer, recommend industry entrepreneurs focus on as they enter the field?
  4. Kyle: Can you tell us in what ways key equipment such as tanks may impact beer fermentation, taste or other elements of the production process?
  5. What is the last/best piece of advice you can offer to an aspiring craft brew entrepreneur?

Kyle Sawyer is the President of ICC-Northwest,  an engineering and manufacturing resource for the wine, beverage, food processing, pharmaceutical and other industries. An industry veteran with years of engineering experience, he previously served as general manager for one of the Pacific Northwest’s leading steel tank manufacturing resources.

Tom Cook is the founder of Von Ebert Brewing, with two locations in craft brew’s epicenter, Portland, OR.  Tom brings a strong background in finance to his role as craft brew entrepreneur.  He studied finance at Purdue University, worked in Manufacturing Finance at Chrysler Group, LLC (now FCA), then moved back home to Vancouver and worked for a large restaurant company and led their finance team.  After launching a craft brew franchise, he transitioned to opening up his vision of elevated American Pub food and fine craft beer.

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