Leveraging to Power of A.I. to Make Podcasts More Engaging for Listeners and Attractive for Advertisers/Sponsors

Anthony Frasier, the CEO and Founder of ABF Creative, which is America’s first and only AI-driven producer of audio content for multicultural audiences joins Enterprise Radio.

Listento hostEric Dye& guest Anthony Frasier discuss the following:

  1. ABF Creative is the first and only multicultural podcast startup in America to integrate artificial intelligence into its productions. How is artificial intelligence used when you’re creating your podcasts, and how does AI make your podcasts better?
  2. Tell me about a situation in which AI changed and improved the creative direction of one of your podcasts.
  3. Most companies that create podcasts select the elements that go into their audio productions based on the preferences of their team, or the taste and experience of their writers, engineers, and producers. What inspired you to add AI as a way of influencing your decision making?
  4. Do you find that AI improves the ideas that you already had, or does it give you new, unexpected, and exciting options that result in podcasts that sound better and are more pleasing to your audience?
  5. Do you base your production decisions solely on the data that AI provides, or do you sometimes go with your gut and override the AI recommendations?

Anthony Frasier is the founder/CEO of ABF Creative, America’s first and only AI-driven multicultural audio content startup.

ABF Creative writes, produces, and releases a full roster of general interest (news, business, sports, entertainment, lifestyle) and children’s podcasts, and was the recent recipient of a national Webby Award in the Diversity & Inclusion category. Sponsors for ABF Creative’s podcasts include Prudential Insurance and BET, and the company has creative partnerships the Essence Podcast Network, Audible, Driven Society, and the Brooklyn Museum, and Benchmark Creative Group. ABF Creative’s titles have generated over 5MM streams and downloads for its creative partners.

Anthony is a former producer of content for NPR and has been a featured presenter at Afros and Audio events, the Spotify Sound Up Program, the SXSW Conference, and the Lean Startup Conference. He is a recipient of a Ford Freedom Award and the author of the book “Don’t Dumb Down Your Greatness: A Young Entrepreneur’s Guide to Thinking & Being Great” (available on Amazon).

Anthony’s innovative usage of AI in the production of the podcasts of ABF Creative allows him to maximize their appeal for listeners and thus increase their value for prospective advertisers/sponsors.

Website: https://www.abfc.co

Social Media Links:
Instagram: instagram.com/abfcreative
Twitter: twitter.com/abfcreative
Facebook: facebook.com/abfcreative

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