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Entrepreneurship and the Need for a Startup Visa

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Tahmina Watson, the founder of Watson Immigration Law and an author, activist, and podcaster joins Enterprise Radio. Her most recent work, the 2nd Edition of her book is The Startup Visa.

This episode of Enterprise Radio is in association with the Legal Corner.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Tahmina Watson discuss the following:

  1. Tell us a bit about Watson Immigration Law and the kind of clients you see on a day to day basis.
  2. What is advice you would give to entrepreneurs, investors, and more looking to come to America to start their business? What are some of the options available to them now in terms of visas?
  3. What is a startup visa and why do you think this would help your clients and international entrepreneurs seeking to grow their business in America?
  4. How would a startup visa benefit the American economy, culture, and more?
  5. What are some policy and news items people can be following in terms of immigration policy and startups in the US? Tell us a bit more about your book and what insight is has into these issues.

Tahmina Watson is an immigration attorney and founder of Watson Immigration Law in Seattle, Washington.  She has helped hundreds of individuals and American businesses navigate the complexities of US immigration laws to unite loved ones and talent.

Tahmina is a passionate advocate for immigration reform, and author of two books: The Startup Visa, Key to Job Growth and Economic Prosperity in America launched at South by Southwest. Her recent bestseller Legal Heroes in the Trump Era documents her work and 13 other legal heroes standing up to the challenges of the Trump era policies.  With over 15 years of experience as a practitioner and business owner, and as immigrant from the UK to the US with Bangladeshi heritage, she is able to help her clients with empathy and excellence. She regularly advises policymakers and think tanks.

Tahmina is the host of the radio show turned podcast Tahmina Talks Immigration.  She is a regular speaker at immigration and industry conferences. She has been blogging since 2008 and her articles have been published in The Seattle Times, Above the Law, Geekwire, Puget Sound Business Journal, Scary Mommy, Yes! Magazine and more. She has been quoted and featured in numerous media outlets including CNN, Forbes, Bloomberg, to name a few.  A recipient of several awards, Tahmina was recently named as one of the 2020 Puget Sound Business Journal Women of Influence.

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