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Liquidity Services, the World’s Largest Marketplace for Business Surplus

Posted: August 3, 2021 at 4:31 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Bill Angrick, Chairman and CEO of Liquidity Services, the world’s largest marketplace for business surplus with almost $9 Billion in completed transactions, 3.6 million registered buyers and over 15,000 sellers joins Enterprise Radio. Bill will be discussing his entrepreneurial journey and what led him to being the CEO of Liquidity Services on the show.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Bill Angrick discuss the following:

  1. Please tell the listeners a little about your background and your early passion for entrepreneurship and business?
  2. When did you start Liquidity Services and what was the inspiration and driving force behind the idea?
  3. What types of supplies and goods are sold through the marketplace?
  4. How is Liquidity Services making the planet a better place in terms of landfill waste, as I know that is a big part of your mission.
  5. How can our listeners find out more about Liquidity Services and what does the next year look like in terms of company growth?

In 2019, Liquidity Services celebrated their 20 Year Anniversary and their incredible journey from a start up to a global market leader with over $9 billion of completed transactions, more than 3.6 million registered buyers and over 15,000 sellers from across the globe.

Their vision to deliver a Better Future For Surplus for their buyers, sellers and the planet has been reinvigorated through their continued delivery of innovative solutions to their customers driven by technology and data. This year they launched their enhanced LiquidityOne platform that leverages powerful marketing technology and new services such as our Scan-n-$ell app and Seller Self-Service to support its customers and scale the reach of their platform.

During 2019, the execution of our RISE growth strategy, focused on four key pillars: Recovery maximization, Increasing sales, Service expansion and Expense leverage, continued to deliver strong benefits. This strategy delivered more efficient operations, more effective asset promotion to drive higher recovery, a broader choice of seller services, and an increased flow of assets from sellers.

As they look to the next 20 years, they remain committed to delivering strong growth while never forgetting the importance of their core values of Integrity, Customer Focus, Relentless Improvement, Innovation to Support Leadership, Mutual Trust and Accountability, Shared Success and Doing Well and Doing Good in their communities.


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