How You Can Choose The Best Courier To Suit Your Business

While most businesses offer an online delivery service of some kind, it’s no secret that not every business is able to offer it in-house – this is where couriers come in. With the likes of UPS, DHL, DPD and more all offering their services to consumers and businesses alike, there’s no reason as to why even home businesses can’t invest in a reliable, cost-effective service for their local and international couriers needs. But with so many to choose from, how can you really know which one is the best for your business? Here, we’ve pulled together five questions you need to ask when choosing your courier service.

How Much Do They Cost?

With improvements in delivery technology, most couriers are now able to offer fast, trackable delivery as standard without the addition of a hefty price tag which is perfect for businesses. While reaching for the lowest-priced courier may seem like the best option, especially if your business is on a budget, investigating a little more deeply into each courier and calling around to ask for any deals or discounts for mass-volume shipments could work out much better for your budget. However, don’t go for the best deal immediately. The best price doesn’t immediately mean the best service, so make sure you ask yourself the following questions first.

Do They Offer Tracking?

Catering to consumer demand is something that most businesses always aim to do, and by offering a tracking service, you’ll be doing exactly that. Transparency within the supply chain is something that businesses big and small are demanding and tracking is where this begins. The ability to track any delays, hold ups or the estimated time of delivery will not only settle your mind as a business, but your client’s minds too.

What Areas Do They Cover?

Look at your current orders – what areas are they coming from? Would the courier you’re thinking about choosing be able to deliver to that area? While most couriers will deliver anywhere across the country and most places abroad, there’s nothing more frustrating as a business or as a customer than finding out that your courier won’t deliver to a destination address. This point is especially important for remote locations and international deliveries. Talk to the courier – will they deliver to these areas? How much hassle would it be to do so? What is the pricing? From there you can work out whether it would be a worthwhile investment.

What Services Do They Offer?

Just like tracking, consumer demand often stretches to speed of delivery too. With the likes of Amazon and other industry leaders offering next day – and in some cases same day – deliveries, it’s more important than ever before for small businesses to choose a courier who can offer similar services in order to attract customers away from bigger companies. Ideally, you’ll need a courier who can offer next day delivery for an affordable price for you and your customers, and 2-3 day delivery as standard. Of course, this isn’t always possible internationally, so in this case it’s best to discuss with your courier what the best and most affordable service is for your international customers.

What Do Their Reviews Say?

Reviews are undoubtedly the best way to find out the realistic ins and outs of a company. Other businesses are likely to leave good and bad reviews when they’ve used the company before, so make sure you do your homework and take a look at what other people in your position have to say. Big-name couriers are likely to have a whole host of reviews for you to sift through, but when it comes to independent and smaller couriers, you may need to ask for references or search a little harder for reliable reviews.

Choosing the right courier for your business can be the difference between happy customers and frustrated ones. By choosing a reliable, low cost courier who has a range of speedy services on offer, you can pass this service onto your clients and consumers and with any luck, have a smoothly-running delivery service in no time.

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