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How to Fix Drawstring Bags

Posted: June 17, 2019 at 10:04 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

The drawstring bag has been around for centuries and for a good reason. There are images all around the globe of some of the first drawstring bags that are in the form of little pouches that males wore tied to their waist. Later ladies would adopt this style of cinch bag with little drawstring pouch purses. The ability to close in precious items with the drawstring still makes this type of bag very popular. The downfall for this bag occurs when the drawstring breaks or becomes loose or even lost. This leaves the owner wondering how to fix a drawstring bag so that they may use it once again. 

When it comes to fixing a drawstring on a bag the answer will depend on the type of bag it is. Drawstring backpacks seem to have shorter cords while large cinch bags have longer cords. The idea is for the cord to be twice the size of the opening of the bag. If the bag user finds this too long, it is easy to tie a knot to shorten it. It is not advised to cut the cord as it will end up sliding out of the bag and being lost. 

To fix a string backpack or any other type of drawstring bag that has been lost or damaged it is easiest to start with a new cord. Hardware stores sell rope material in nylon or even twine that will work for this project. Upholstery piping is also an excellent choice for drawstrings in a bag. This type of cord is found in most sewing and craft department stores. The type of cord is completely user specific so pick one that is easiest on the hands. Measure the cord to twice the size of the bag opening. This is enough cord to ensure that it keeps from being swallowed by the bag and allows for full opening of it when needed. A large safety pin will also be needed to help feed the cord through the top hem of the bag. A toggle may also come in handy for this project. 

Fixing drawstring backpacks and other types of drawstring bags is a little time consuming but fairly easy. The most time-consuming part is the actual feeding of the string back through the hem of the bag. With practice and a little patience, this becomes easier as it is done. Some basic sewing skills would be helpful but not always necessary to fix a bag. 

To begin replacing the cord in the bag pin the safety pin to one end of the cord. Take the pin and slide it into the hem part of the bag. If the opening is not large enough to accommodate the new cord, then a new hem will need to be sewn before the cord can be replaced on the bag. This is where sewing skills come in helpful. To open the hem, find a seam ripper or a pair of scissors with a sharp tip. Carefully remove the stitching around the hemmed part of the bag. Once the hem is opened then iron it, so it straightens out of the fabric. Now, place the new cord on the top edge of the fabric and fold it over. Now is time to pin the fabric and remove the cord. Take the hot iron and use it to press down the entire new hem area. Using a sewing machine or a needle and thread it is time to sew down the new hem area. Once that is complete the cord can be fed through the new hem without a problem. 

Replacing the string in a bag is easy. Take the safety pin that is still attached to one end of the string and slowly move the pin through the hem. It is easier to scrunch up the fabric as you keep pulling the pin through. Keep doing this until the pin appears through the other side of the hemmed fabric. Pull the cord so that it has even lengths of it coming through both ends of the hemmed top. Here a toggle can be placed on the cord to hold it in place or knots can be tied on both ends to keep the cord from slipping back through the bag. A toggle is usually slid down both cords with the ends having knots tied.

Having a favorite drawstring bag lose the cord is not the end of the world. The cord can be replaced with a little patience and time, and the bag will be like new once again. 

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