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All eyes on you – effective marketing techniques for optometrists

Posted: June 17, 2019 at 10:19 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Attracting new business and retaining customers is something all businesses need to do. In the optometry business especially, those with a savvy marketing plan are more likely to be successful. Many optometrists busy themselves honing their eyecare skills, expecting people to naturally gravitate to their expertise. But without an effective marketing strategy no one knows you exist. Internal marketing is also required to upsell to clients and improve patient spend.

So, how do you get all eyes on you?

Learn from the best

Doing some competitor research is essential. Joining a networking group is also worthwhile. Other types of business may have some great marketing tips to share and meeting new people will also increase exposure of your business. 

Through networking, you may also be able to collaborate with other businesses to reach new people by promoting each other or offering bundled promotions.

Investing in a business coach or mentor could also be a wise move, especially if you aren’t very business savvy. There’s no shame in asking for help. Conor Heaney from Optical Success Academy, is a highly successful practicing optometrist with a $1.4 million annual revenue practice, who runs marketing courses specifically designed for independent eyecare practices.

Eye-catching social media posts

Your customers expect to find information about your optometrists on social media. When the friends of your customers see photos of them with a fantastic new pair of glasses, they’ll be asking where they got them. This is compelling advertorial for your business.

As with any other aspect of your marketing, you will need to have a social media strategy. Only use high quality images, pay attention to color schemes and keep your brand message consistent throughout. Here are 52 effective social media post ideas to get you started.

Supporting your local community

Consumers are becoming increasingly picky about who they purchase from. People expect more responsibility and accountability from businesses and brands. 

According to one recent digital marketing survey people think it is important for businesses to demonstrate social responsibility and take stances on current social movements. The survey found that 75 per cent of people are likely to start shopping at a company that supports an issue they agree with.

Building a socially responsible business is key. Community outreach doesn’t have to cost your business a lot of money, but it will increase brand awareness and bring you kudos with your customers.

Go above and beyond

Before you even think about a marketing strategy, you need to ensure you are nailing the optometry services on offer to your customers. Every customer who chooses your services has the potential to recommend you to others. That’s why everything you do from answering the telephone to aftercare has to be spot on. Always go above and beyond and the word will spread. Exceptional service will also do wonders for your customer retention rates.

Invest in SEO

Most people don’t have a clue about SEO (that’s search engine optimisation). They either ignore it (if that’s you, your website is probably woefully short of reaching the first few pages on Google search) or they pay through the nose for an expert. 

Actually, there are some simple SEO steps you can follow to improve your google rankings and make your website accessible to search engines and people looking for an optometrist.

Gear your website for user intent

When people are searching online for an optometrist, they want to know that you are the best. Your website should explain everything that’s great about your practice in simple language. With Google’s ranking factors becoming ever more sophisticated (thanks to AI), focus on user intent is becoming much more important.

Blogs and guides on healthy eating and eye health, the importance of contact lens care, choosing the right glasses, what’s involved in an annual eye exam, tips on wearing sunglasses and so on are all interesting, will showcase your knowledge and draw people to your business.

Ensure there are lots of calls to action on your web pages encouraging people to call to discuss their eyecare needs. Perhaps offer discount on an initial eye test if a site visitor signs up to your email newsletter? 

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