Growing your Online Retail Store through Gamification

Joel Benson, CEO and Founder of OverUnderMillionaire, a game, launching in the Fall of 2019, that celebrates sports and the growth of the e-commerce segment, transforming players into customers on prize sponsored e-commerce sites joins eCommerce Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Joel Benson discuss the following:

  1. You have been involved in marketing for 42 years now. What has kept you motivated within the industry and to ultimately start your own business?
  2. Your new game, OverUnderMillionaire, approaches online marketing in a unique way. How is this game going to attract consumers while also connecting retailers to their target audience?
  3. What common challenges do online retailers face today? How are millennials and generation z’rs impacting online retail growth?
  4. Considering your background in marketing, how have you seen the industry change in recent decades? How can marketers adapt to the ever-changing trends?
  5. What is your number one tip for business owners or marketers to best use online retail to grow their business?

Joel Benson kick-started his career as a college advertising intern in his hometown of Detroit, writing and recording commercials for local businesses. That role led him to the Universal Mall in Detroit where he received the title of Promotion Director, allowing him to further nurture his craft.

In 1981, Benson moved to Miami where he became the Promotion Director for what was, at the time, the largest mall in Florida. Here, he stretched his imagination and developed memorable campaigns, even garnering attention from the great Walter Cronkite.

At age 29, Benson used his years of industry experience to start a one-man agency out of his home, the Shopping Center Network, and signed CBS Television Network as his first client. While the deal established his credibility in the space, it was the major mall tours that followed that led to partnerships with Chevrolet’s Football Hall of Fame, Kodak’s Junior Miss, Reebok’s Pump Up and Air Out, NBA’s America’s Game and hundreds more leading consumer brands.

Recognizing that the popularity of shopping malls was declining, Benson changed the name of his company to EventNetUSA in the early 2000s and started what it is arguably the first experiential marketing agency to produce pop-up stores. Some of the clients Benson produced for include Humana, L’Oréal, Revlon, Carnival Cruise Line and LaCroix. EventNetUSA also produced the national media launch of “Drink Up Water Campaign” staged at the Watertown High School in Watertown,WI and hosted by former first lady Michelle Obama.

Now, celebrating his latest marketing venture, Benson is gearing up to launch – a platform that celebrates the popularity of sports and the growth of the e-commerce segment. In the fall of 2019, OverUnderMillionaire’s marketing game is set to transform millions of players into customers on prize sponsored e-commerce sites for just pennies on the dollar, further solidifying Benson’s lifelong mission – to drive consumers to brands.


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