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How To Achieve Affordable And Effective Gym Membership

Posted: August 29, 2019 at 6:44 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

The strong belief held at the core of every gym is that health and fitness in society should be affordable and accessible to all people. This CORE value at gymnation is made real by the provision of the minimal subscription fee, which starts at as low as AED 199 per month. GYMNATION accommodates all kind of gym-goers starting from the newbie’s to the athletes. 

  • Membership Plans At gyms

The membership plan in most gyms is divided into two categories. Firstly, we have the fixed-term membership which allows you to: access the gym 24 hours in seven days of the week; you can as well have unlimited access to all the gyms largest machines which are over 500 in number. Additionally, you can enjoy more than 400 free classes per month, free parking, indoor sprint track, and any more services. To qualify for this membership plan, you only need to make an agreed amount of monthly subscription fee.

Secondly, we have the Flexible Membership plan. Under this membership plan, you can enjoy: the best treadmills, free weights, the gyms spin Studio, free parking, 24/7 gym accessibility among many more services. For you to qualify for this service, you need to make a monthly subscription which is less than that for the fixed term membership.

  • Location

The gym should be located in a central location convenient to the customers. Opening of several branches allows the gym to cover more market ground.

  • Dedication and Quality Perfection

Even though the gym should be able to offer the lowest membership fee possible,  to maintain a competitive edge in its niche, high quality services should still be among their core value. The gym facilities should be spacious, yet we’ll be equipped. Promotional offers, such as free classes should also be incorporated. More so, virtual classes should also be available, and therefore you can do your classes any time that you want under the guidance of the virtual trainer on a high-tech virtual screen.

  • A Healthy Society

A gym believes that everybody should be supported to reach their health and fitness goals. For that reason, it should provide affordable and flexible membership plans to accommodate all kinds of people.

  • Personal Trainers

A gym should have thoroughly trained and certified personal trainers who are supposed to be committed to helping the customer meet their training goals.


Most gyms offer promotional starter packs for new members. Most provide dietary advice and consultation services. They can also offer free training sessions to attract more new subscribers.

  • Joining

Most gyms have straightforward joining procedures. There are two ways you can become a member of a gym; online subscription and manual application. Of the two options, but a preferable alternative is the online criteria. To join,  find the website of the gym, click on the join now, and select your preferred membership plan, then you will be directed to various steps of registration. Alternatively, you may decide to visit the gym and speak to one of the customer care team members.

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