Tips for Choosing the Most Suitable Gaming Standing Desk

If you’re a gamer, you must have a gaming desk that’s capable of accommodating all your gaming accessories.

A perfect gaming standing desk should have enough space to house your keyboards, several monitors, your mouse, and pad, as well as your audio devices with some leftover space.

The desk should also have drawers and additional storage where you can keep other game-related equipment. In the best situation, your gaming standing desk can also serve as a work desk when necessary.

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Let’s check out what makes you the best gaming desk.

What’s the best gaming desk size?

● Width

If you need several monitors to play, you need a desk wide enough to hold them all comfortably. We are looking at a desk that is somewhere around 40 to 60 inches wide. It should be sufficient because most monitors range between 19 and 26 inches in width, and have diagonals of 22 to 30 inches.

However, if your monitor is extra wide, has a unique shape, or you’re dealing with 3 monitors, measure properly and search for a larger desk that fits.

● Depth

Consider the size of your keyboard, monitor, and other accessories that’ll be on your desk when choosing its depth. A large keyboard can be 10 inches deep, while a slim one would be half the depth.

Ensure to leave extra space for any additions and your arm as well.

Bear in mind that you have to leave comfortable space between all types of equipment, so consider a gaming standing desk with a depth ranging between 20 inches for standard, and 30 inches for deeper desks.

What is the best shape for gaming desks?

Depending on the space where you’re setting up your gaming system and the size dimensions, you can consider two major gaming table shapes.

●    Rectangular Shape

It is the most common gaming standing desk shape and comes in a large number of sizes. Whether you’re opting for a long desk or a lightweight one, you can find what you seek when you browse through the list if rectangular gaming desks

●    L-Shaped desk

The best way to describe this gaming standing desk is by its shape resembling the letter L. It has two tabletops joining at the right angle, which looks great for a gaming table.

You can use one tabletop for your gaming and dedicate the other one to working.

Although these gaming desks leave larger silhouettes than their rectangular counterpart, they fit prettily into your room corner.

What is the best gaming desk storage option?

It is great to have a gaming standing desk that comes with built-in compartments. You can keep your gaming equipment that doesn’t need to be on the desk, store space speakers, mousepads, and the like, and reduce the clutter on your actual desk.

Bookcases and Shelves

Many gaming desks that come with shelves often have compartments under the desktop that can house your games and accessories.

The shelves are easy to access and less bulky, and they’re a great option for showing off your collectibles.

Some gaming desks even have built-in shelves that lift your PC tower away from the floor.

If your gaming needs can only be satisfied by multiple shelves with large capacity, then choose gaming desks that have bookcase shelves stacked on top of each other.

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