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Don’t Neglect These Things If You Are Aiming for a Successful Guest Posting Strategy

Posted: August 30, 2019 at 4:56 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

If guest posting is not a part of your content marketing strategy, you should start implementing it right away. We all know that content is king, but there is a limit when it comes to publishing your own content on your platforms.

Your audience is more or less the same and the results are not changing over time. That’s why you need to expand the impact of your content on other platforms and allow other audiences to enjoy it. However, publishing on other websites differs significantly than publishing on your own. In fact, there’s an entire process built around it.

If you want to turn your guest posting into a successful strategy which will enhance all of your content marketing results, you should pay closer attention to some things.

#1 Do proper research.

When you’re posting on your website, you know your guidelines and your audience preferences. As soon as you step out of your comfort zone, the rules change. Each website has its own guidelines and preferred style which is shaped to fit its audience profile. You can’t expect to attract traffic to your website if you don’t provide that particular audience with what they want.

Ask the blogger to provide you with guidelines and useful information before creating your article. Think about the topics that could actually contribute to that platform. The best way to do it is either to find an article on their platform which discussed a certain topic and upgrade it with your knowledge and skills or provide an overview of an unexplored topic. 

#2 Publish on relevant sites.

This might seem too obvious to you, but many companies are trying to get as many guest articles as possible without considering their relevance. Can you actually benefit as a home security company if you publish on a lifestyle blog? Surely, you will have a link that directs to your website, but how many people from that audience are your potential customers?

When submitting your content, always have a clear goal of what you want to achieve. Those who are just getting started with this will usually seek for the help of a guest posting agency as professionals might help them understand what to keep in mind throughout this process. After all, with guest posting, content is equally important as all your efforts of researching and communicating with the blogger.  

#3 Build relationships.

The crucial component of your outreach process will be building relationships with the site owners. By forming a connection with them, you both will be able to create a better quality article for a specific audience. By focusing on your interactions with the bloggers, you can get more valuable information and be well prepared to write your guest article.

Guest posting implies that you will communicate with a lot of people and having good communication skills is essential to get the job done. Some writers prefer less communication and just publishing their article on a platform, but that can only provide you with short-term benefits. Instead, focus on building relationships as these site owners can open doors for many other guest posting opportunities you will find useful.

#4 Write with a goal in mind.

Just as you are going to choose websites that are relevant to you, you should choose a topic and write your article with a goal in mind. Your goal is not to publish your article on this platform. Your goal is to engage their audience and convert them. This article needs to be written in a concise way which convinces the reader you understand his point of view and offer your efficient solution.

People don’t read guest articles to get informed, they read it to see if you can solve any of their existing issues. That’s why problem-solving articles will attract the biggest number of readers and, consequently, drive them to your website. 

Final Thoughts

Don’t treat guest posting as a one-off thing. It’s a strategy which needs your dedication if you want to achieve something beneficial for your business. Guest posting allows you to interact with an audience which is usually unreachable to you and not using this option could leave you behind all of your competitors. Stop wasting time and incorporate it into your content marketing strategy!

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