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Digital Transformational Solutions with a Special Proficiency in Artificial Intelligence

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Anthony DeLima, the Global Chief Technology Officer of Neoris that helps its customers with digital transformational solutions with a special proficiency in Artificial Intelligence joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Anthony DeLima discuss the following:

  1. What or who is Neoris?
  2. How does Neoris work with customers and what specific industries do you focus upon?
  3. Can you tell the audience what Digital Transformation is all about?
  4. Can you give us an example of how Neoris helps its customers? Can you tell us about a case study where you helped a customer deploy Artificial Intelligence that yielded results?
  5. Do you see a time when virtually all businesses of all sizes will be active in the digital environment? Would you offer a tip to our business listeners as to how they can view and deploy AI or some of the technologies you spoke of today to their advantage?

Anthony (Tony) DeLima is Head of Digital Transformation and Global CTO for NEORIS.  His role spans across all NEORIS’ offerings and industries, but largely focuses on the company’s overall technology strategy and digital transformation solutions. DeLima has held leadership positions with powerhouse companies like KPMG, Ryder Dedicated Logistics, Telefonica, the Hackett Group and others, and has harnessed fast growth environments with innovative entrepreneurs who are passionate about making a difference for their employees, customers, and humanity as a whole.

Tony has extensive experience in Financial Services, Manufacturing and Telecom sectors and historically fosters a company’s desire to strategically reposition themselves while leveraging “everything digital” as a key enabler. He applies innovative thinking combined with disruptive technology solutions to ignite new customer experiences that empower hyper-personalized interactions across a company’s entire value chain.

Tony enjoys working with clients who are fanatical about their digital transformation strategies. His enthusiasm to aid companies ignite disruption through the application of innovative capabilities such as AI, big data, intelligent process automation and others to accelerate the creation of new business platforms and smart customer interactions is contagious. He is passionate about exploring paths that move humanity forward by leveraging the power of technology.

He has a Bachelor degree in Computer Science and a Master degree in Information Systems.

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