How Can Small Businesses Put Live Streaming to Good Use?

Live streaming is one of the most important technological advancements in recent times, and it has been applied to various different sectors to great effect. The beauty of the platform is that it can be used by absolutely anyone, and it is a perfect way for small businesses to drum up more custom. Live streaming can be used for marketing, client relations, or for interactive experiences on your website.


One of the best ways to use live streaming is for marketing and to make customers aware of your products. For retailers, you can live stream from in store when there is a sale happening. If you share this to the company Facebook page it will draw a lot of attention to the discounted prices of your products. It gives customers the feeling that they are walking around the store and seeing the cheap items for themselves. That way, if they spot something they like they could go down to the shop to buy it or place an online order. The other method would be to get a well-known Instagram model to promote your product or service. This can be a good way to boost your own Instagram page as well, and companies like Madewell, Tiffany & Co, and Glossier have done this to good effect.

Increased Engagement

Live streaming can bring so much more interactivity to your website. Indeed, a lot of website refining companies recommend two-way communication between the company and the users to boost sales. In 2019, most people are familiar with the platform as well so you could start using it right away.

Facebook made the technology mainstream in 2017, but it has been used in other industries for much longer. The online casino sector, for instance, has featured live links to real games for a few years now. Players can play live roulette at Magical Vegas Casino, and feel as though they are playing in a real casino. For your business, you may want to use live streaming to allow customers to play games. There are other applications, though, such as allowing users to vote on things.

Client Meetings

One other extremely useful way to incorporate live streaming in your small business is to use it for client meetings. Having people together in a physical location is no longer a necessity for businesses, and you can set up a live streaming link to make it feel as though you are sitting next to your associates. This can be handy if you want to develop strong relationships with businesspeople from overseas. In turn, this will help boost your business’s global reach.

Live streaming has only been around for a few years but it has integrated seamlessly into a number of sectors. Small business owners should think about how they can use the technology in order to keep up with the competition.

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