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Digital Economy and Social Impact

Posted: September 17, 2019 at 6:21 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Dan Simerman, head of financial relations for global non-profit IOTA Foundation, dedicated to delivering a new, open-source digital infrastructure joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Dan Simerman discuss the following:

  1. Explain the IOTA Foundation and its social impact mission.
  2. What do consumers need to understand about the (M)IOTA token, how does it differ from other cryptocurrency?
  3. What industries or mission areas is IOTA Foundation creating the greatest disruption in?
  4. Who are the founders of IOTA and what was the genesis of the idea?
  5. The IOTA website indicates it is not offering a blockchain, can you explain what you are offering in its stead?
  6. Where do you see cryptocurrencies roles in the world 5 years from now?

Dan Simerman is an investor and technical product manager well versed in consumer psychology, digital assets and open source software development. Dan has a history of building software for Fortune 50 financial institutions, multinational media companies and strategic consulting firms. 

As Head Of Financial Relations at the IOTA Foundation, Dan’s goal is to support the technology for a new type of digital infrastructure, one where IOT devices and humans can seamlessly exchange value and data in a safe, secure, and decentralized economy.

IOTA is a global not-for-profit foundation incorporated and headquartered in Germany. The IOTA Foundation’s mission is to support the research and development of new distributed ledger technologies (DLT), including the IOTA Tangle. The Foundation encourages the education and adoption of distributed ledger technologies through the creation of ecosystems and the standardization of these new protocols.

The IOTA Tangle moves beyond blockchain by providing the world’s first scalable, feeless and fully-decentralized distributed ledger technology. The Tangle uses its own unique technology to solve three fundamental problems with blockchain technology: high fees, scaling and centralization. It is an open-source protocol connecting the human economy with the machine economy by facilitating novel Machine-to-Machine (M2M) interactions, including secure data transfer, fee-less micropayments, and secure access control for devices.


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