First Blockchain App providing Digital Banking and Payment Systems Across Verticals

AC Rick, Chief Executive Officer of Kozjin, an entire ecosystem of digital banking and payment services, facilitated through Kozjin tokens (KOZ) joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest AC Rick discuss the following:

  1. Could you share what Kozjin is about?
  2. How is Kozjin different from other similar projects?
  3. How would a user benefit from being a Kozjin app user?
  4. Share more about the current status of Kozjin.
  5. What should your users or community expect from Kozjin moving forward?

Kozjin Token is a cryptocurrency that aims to provide everyday banking and payment services to the millions of consumers worldwide. The user friendly Kozjin mobile app allows individuals to perform supported crypto transactions. Aside from individual usage, merchants can accept payments through the platform which gives users an easy way to convert and spend their cryptocurrencies at merchants’ stores. Currently, Kozjin token has gained a strong niche in the property industry by enabling a smooth and seamless transaction process to take place between property owners, developers and contractors.
Download links for the mobile appPlaystore | Appstore

Social Media Links:
Twitter: @kozjintoken

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