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Creating Fair Water Access through Enterprise Agility

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Duane Dunk, a technical water quality expert and Director at AquaGuidance, Inc., a Florida-based, for-profit company, specializing in water filtration solutions for residential and commercial drinking water applications where the water quality is poor joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Duane Dunk discuss the following:

  1. Tell me about AquaGuidance, why it is focused on creating a water filtration solution for viruses?
  2. Help me understand the scope of global need for a clean water solution?
  3. Aren’t there a number of water filtration devices out on the market today?
  4. What personal stake do you have in this and why would you lead a company focused on clean water issues?
  5. What are some common-sense steps consumers can take to improve their water safety and health?

Often referred to as “The Water Guy”, Duane Dunk has over twenty-five years of industry experience ranging from small scale portable and household drinking water applications to industrial wastewater treatment and reuse.  He has written or co-authored eighteen published technical articles and conference papers. 

Duane serves as Managing Director of AquaGuidance, Inc., serving drinking water filtration media markets, as well as other roles within the parent organization Blue Planet (Bahamas) and its other N. American subsidiaries. 

Duane’s background includes consumer goods and industrial products, both durables and consumables, and the service systems to support them.  He is experienced in a wide range of work environments spanning large organizations of Dun & Bradstreet, AC Nielsen, and Tandy Corporation (Memorex® brand) to entrepreneurial start-ups. 

Duane holds a Texas CPA license and has undergraduate degrees in marketing and accounting, and an MBA in marketing and e-commerce.  Duane has also received repeated appointments from U.S. Secretaries of Commerce to the State of Washington District Export Council (DEC).

AquaGuidance, Inc., is a Florida-based, for-profit company, specializing in water filtration solutions for residential and commercial drinking water applications where the water quality is poor. AquaGuidance’s core filtration media technology can claim the highest-certified capacity combined lead, mercury, chloramine, chlorine, taste and odor reduction filtration on the market.

AquaGuidance has now developed the world’s first gravity-fed water filtration technology (patents pending) capable of removing harmful live viruses, bacteria, and cysts to full P231 requirements without the use of chemicals, power, or pressure, while preserving beneficial elements such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium. More testing is required to quantify the additional ability to reduce heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and pesticides.  The company is led by Managing Director Duane Dunk, a recognized expert in safe drinking water and emerging markets. 

Blue Planet Group, Ltd, is a multi-national, vertically-integrated company, focused on advanced proprietary specialty filtration technologies for food, beverage, and water industries. Blue Planet Group and its subsidiary companies have developed specialized adsorbent medias which, when combined with industry-standard materials in common use, can be tailored to remove harmful contaminants from drinking water for a variety of uses. The breakthrough technologies have a potentially significant impact on human and environmental health.

Blue Planet Group:

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