Breaking the Cardinal Rule: Talking During Movies

Jason Jepson, creator of the podcast, Talking During Movies, uses key quotes and situations from movies to drive a 2hr conversation. Talking During Movies records in Austin, TX and Los Angeles, CA joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Jason Jepson discuss the following:

  1. How have you landed big guests like Tim Kennedy, Jessimae Pelusa, Ohpira Eisenberg, Katerina Schload?
  2. In less than 20 episodes, as a startup, you have advertisers – how did you set yourself apart in the exploding podcast marketplace?
  3. Why do you record in a dive bar, when you are in Austin?
  4. How is Talking During Movies different from other startups you have participated in?
  5. How can merchandising make or break a podcast financially?
  6. How do you grow from a podcast and into a real business?
  7. What are the advantages of being a mobile podcast vs working out of a studio?

Host Jason Jepson, Paradigm Shifter – Coffee Trailblazer – Certified 80’s Movie Buff – Beer Evangelist – Wanna Be Pizza Ninja has created a new form of entertainment, using a podcast to talk during movies. Jepson uses a key quotes and moments in a film to drive a 2hr conversation. Podcasts have highlighted and celebrated the long form conversation, TDM uses movies to ensure the conversation always stays interesting.

Social Media Links:
Twitter: @talkduringmovie
Instagram: @talkingduringmovies

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