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Bitcoin Fixes Your Demonetization in YouTube

Posted: April 15, 2020 at 6:48 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)


If you use YouTube regularly then you will know that sometimes what happens is all of a sudden YouTube determines to demonetize your content. If you do not know what does that means then let us explain that it is a condition in which no longer your content will appear for the searches. During such a condition only your permanent viewers or hardcore fans will be able to find you because they will particularly search for your page. 

In 2020, under the Act of Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, some YouTube videos will be restricted for children below 13 years. Hence such videos will not be played for children which will lead to the lowered income from advertisement revenue, and also some other options will be disabled such as like, comment, share along all the call to action buttons will be disabled. 

At this point in time, you might feel seized of the fortune, but remember bitcoin will fix you. Unlike traditional money, bitcoin has some great quality for the financial system. In a bitcoin transaction or a bitcoin trading, no authority has the right to take away any portion of your money for any reason. Another thing is no one can stop you from sending any bitcoin to anyone or receiving any bitcoin from anyone. 

There are several trusted bitcoin applications available in the digital platform such as Crypto Crash Fortune who will be there during the time when you seek help. 

How Will Bitcoin Monetize Your Video? 

Now, without wasting any of the time, let us discuss and tell you about the simple tricks which will help you to monetize your videos on Youtube easily. As a content creator, it is your right to get paid sufficiently for each of your videos. You must be able to access any external interference in your account or your page. 

Follow the simple steps if you want to generate revenue for your Youtube page through bitcoins easily, 

  • You need to sign up for Bottle Pay with your YouTube account 
  • Install the Blue Wallet in your Phone

Therefore, you are good to go with your bitcoin earning through your YouTube channel. 

Know a Little More Than You Should

If we say technically, then bitcoin is a little difficult to understand in comparison to the traditional national currency. Bitcoin is very complicated to the ones who are technologically challenged. They will need at least a month’s time to have a clear understanding of the system. 

What Does Bitcoin Mean? 

If you are still not much aware of the bitcoins or the virtual money or the digital gold then you will have to understand it in a stepwise manner. Let’s us tell you in simple pointers about it. 

  • Bitcoin is a digital currency 
  • They are considered to be the gold in the virtual world 
  • 1 bitcoin is equal to 100 million units
  • The tiniest unit of bitcoin is called Satoshi
  • 0.00001 bitcoin is equivalent to 1000 Satoshi
  • The bitcoins that are received in the second layer are called Lightning Network.

These are the basics about bitcoin that one must know, before starting to use it for any purpose. 


If you read and gain some knowledge in details about whatever we brought to you in the above content you will be able to monetize your YouTube application through bitcoins. Like it is said that every law has a lawbreaker. It will be great when you know about all the substitute ways of income from other sources effortlessly. You no longer will have to rely on YouTube to bring you home some money. It is in your hands how and from where you want to earn. 

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