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The man, who wants to bring peace of mind to scheduling

Stefan Batory, CEO of Booksy, a mobile-first beauty marketplace on a mission to bring peace of mind to scheduling joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Stefan Batory discuss the following:

  1. Is the beauty industry online scheduling a real greenfield market? How big is that field?
  2. How was your previous experience building a taxi hailing app useful building a beauty marketplace?
  3. Booksy have been awarded among best startups to work for, specifically for being supportive for women and minorities, how do you build such organization spirit?
  4. Now that you’ve moved to US, working with teams around the globe must be troublesome, how do you manage your schedule on a typical day?
  5. You’re on your way to become first Polish-founded unicorn, and most of your funding has so far came from Europe. Do you find any significant differences between your current and US venture capitals?
  6. How do you see Booksy’s future in these difficult times?

Stefan Batory is the co-founder & CEO of Booksy. An ardent serial entrepreneur, Stefan created Booksy out of personal frustration with trying to schedule appointments over the phone or via text. The company’s mission is to bring peace of mind to scheduling anywhere, anytime. Already on its way to being the first Polish-founded unicorn company, Booksy has relocated its headquarters to the U.S. with the goal of becoming the leading destination marketplace for all appointment-based businesses.

Prior to Booksy, Stefan was founder and CEO of Sensi Soft, a software development company with a focus on classified media. During that time, he created and bootstrapped, iTaxi, which disrupted and innovated an outdated service in Poland, transforming the way consumers hail taxis throughout the country. 

Stefan is a visionary, strongly analytical and dedicated entrepreneur. An accomplished ultra-marathoner, he exemplifies passion and grit in all aspects of his life.


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